4 More Reasons To Love Travel Nursing Jobs in Florida


For travel nurses, the allure of travel nursing jobs in Florida is often summed up in two words – great weather.  And while than can be reason enough for seeking travel nursing assignments in the Sunshine State, there are many other (and often overlooked) benefits of travel nursing jobs in Florida.  What could be more important than great weather?  Well, the Go Healthcare Staffing team has compiled 4 more reasons for travel nurses to love Florida.

  1. Florida State Parks: Amazingly, Florida has over 161 state parks that mainly fall under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The parks are located all over this large state and offer an incredibly diverse array of natural features, plants and wildlife.  Many of these parks cover thousands of unspoiled acres of land and can include accessible waterways, beaches and historic sites.
  2. Florida Golf: Looking for something to do other than hang out at the beach (not that that’s a bad thing!) in your off-hours? For the travel nurse that loves golf, or a newbie golfer that wants to improve their game, Florida leads the nation with an incredible 1,250 golf courses across the state.  Many of these courses are open to the public and are in top-notch condition year-round.  No wonder that many professional golfers make their home in Florida.  For travel nurses on the road, a round of golf is a great way to de-stress, get some exercise, and have some fun!
  3. St. Augustine: When most people think of history and early European settlements in the US, they think of Jamestown VA or Plymouth MA. What most people don’t realize is that the first permanent European settlement is established in 1565 in St. Augustine by Spain.  It is the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement within the borders of the contiguous United States.  In fact, Juan Ponce de Leon “discovered” Florida in 1513 when he landed in NE Florida, probably near present-day St. Augustine, to claim Florida for Spain. This is when written records about life in Florida began. The history-loving travel nurse can visit this historic city and see a wide variety of structures and sites that still exist today from these early periods of American history.
  4. The Wonder of the Everglades: While the bright lights of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando get much of the attention in Florida, the quiet beauty of the Everglades is often overlooked. The Everglades are a vast region of tropical wetlands in the southern portion of the state, comprising the southern half of a large watershed; a complex system of interdependent ecosystems that include eerily beautiful cypress swamps, the mangrove forests of the Ten Thousand Islands, tropical hardwood hammocks, pine, and the marine environment of Florida Bay.  This magnificent natural habitat was once the target of developers who drained and filled large areas of the wetlands at the turn of the 20th  However, portions of the Everglades were declared a national park in 1947 with additional protections added for outlying areas added starting in the 1980s.  Today, there are a wide variety of year-round touring packages available to view this natural wonder firsthand.  With over 600 species of birds and animals and thousands of plant varieties and home to several of the world’s endangered species, it’s not to be missed!

If you’re considering your next travel nursing job, take a look at the hidden gems of Florida.  While the great weather and exciting nightlife get most of the attention, here are 4 more reasons for travel nurses to love Florida!  If you’re actively looking for a travel nursing job in Florida, Go Healthcare Staffing can get you there.  Check out our current listing of travel nursing jobs in Florida by clicking here.  You can fill out our “quick apply” online application if you like or feel free to call one of our experienced nurse recruiters directly at 844-966-8773. Go Happy with Go Healthcare Staffing!

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