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Grab Some Holiday Cash with Go

Grab Some Holiday Cash with Go

Hey Travel Nurses, Go Healthcare Staffing would like to make your Holidays a little more lucrative this Winter!  We’re pleased to offer our travel nurses bonuses through our new “Grab Some Holiday Cash with Go” program!

Here’s how our  Holiday Cash bonus program works:

Our travel nurses can receive up to $400.00 in bonus pay by doing the following:

  • $150.00 bonus for working Christmas Day!
  • $150.00 bonus for working New Year’s Day!
  • And receive an additional $100.00 bonus for working both holidays!

You will receive your pay in the paycheck you receive directly following the holiday(s) you have worked.  This is applicable to ANY travel nurse on assignment with Go Healthcare during these holidays that works the Christmas and/or New Year’s Day holidays as defined by our client.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Grab Some Holiday Cash with GO bonus program, please contact a Go Healthcare recruiter today! 844-966-8773,

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