4 Ways for Travel Nurses to Stay Safe During Storms or Natural Disasters

Storms and natural disasters are something no person can control. While these disasters have the potential to cause devastating damage, it is important to know how to best react when you’re working a travel nursing assignment in an area that will be or has already been affected. Nurses are extremely essential to any community’s success […]

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7 Ways for Travel Nurses to Save Money During Assignments

Life on the road can be challenging for travel nurses when it comes to making good decisions on expenses.
Food, transportation and entertainment can become costly when a Travel RN is in an unfamiliar city and working crazy hours.  Making good decisions when it comes to expenses on the road can often make a big difference […]

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3 Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse Snowbird in Florida

At this time of year, many travel nurses are starting to seek their next assignment, one that will take them through the fall and winter months.  As you might imagine, Florida has become a very popular destination for travel nurses.  In this article, we’re listing 3 top reasons to become a travel nurse snowbird in […]

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Fun Things For Travel Nurses To Do While On Assignment in Ohio

For many travel nurses, the thought of being away on assignment for 13 weeks or more can be exciting for plenty of reasons. The first reason is an obvious one, a new location. Immersing yourself in a new environment is also known to refresh the mind and body, while also giving you the opportunity to […]

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Happy Nurses Week 2017 – Thank You!

Happy Nurses Week 2017 – Thank You!


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Go Healthcare Staffing Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary!

Go Healthcare Staffing is celebrating our 2 year anniversary! We would like to thank all our great Travel Nurses for working with us and we look forward to many more years of helping travel RNs get where they want to GO!

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Travel RN Summer Jobs in New England!

Over 70 great Travel RN Summer jobs in New England – May Starts! Don’t miss these opportunities. Check out our job board here for all our New England Travel RN jobs.

Great pay, great locations and great New England beaches for Travel RNs that want to experience the best of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode […]

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4 Free Things Travel Nurses Should See in Dallas

Hey travel nurses, if you’re looking for your next assignment you may want to consider Dallas, Texas for your next destination.  When most travel RNs think of Dallas, they may think of the Cowboys football team or (if you’re old enough to remember the 80’s!) the old TV show featuring JR and Sue Ellen.  In […]

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Go Healthcare Staffing Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Charlotte, NC – April 29, 2016 – Go Healthcare Staffing (www.gohealthcarestaffing.com), a Joint Commission-certified travel nurse staffing firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is celebrating its first year in business in May of 2016 by recognizing a year of substantial growth and strong acceptance in the travel nursing community.

“I’m so pleased to be celebrating Go […]

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Go Honors Nurses and the #NursesUnite Movement

In light of the recent comments by members of the television show “The View” and the controversy surrounding contestant and nurse Kelley Johnson, Go Healthcare Staffing has created this video to honor nurses and the #NursesUnite movement that’s sweeping the country.  Please take a moment to watch our video – we hope you find it […]

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