A Message of Thanks from Randy, President of Go Healthcare

Randy Holloran, President of Go Healthcare expresses his gratitude to all nurses especially during this time.

I wanted to take a moment in these unknown times to personally thank you for the sacrifice you make on a daily basis to take care of the sickest among us.

With this new virus upon us, we do not yet have all the answers to this crisis, but I appreciate how nurses always rise to the challenge and answer the call.

The choice and yes, the sacrifice you make to go to work despite the uncertainty gives another patient a fighting chance.
I want you to know that we take this to heart and appreciate all that you do on every shift and beyond.

We are here for you. Please feel free to reach out to me and the team even just to talk.

Thank you for everything,

Last Minute Reminders Before You Start Your New Travel Assignment

No matter how prepared you are, it’s good to have someone walk you through some last minute reminders.

Getting ready to start a new travel assignment takes a lot of proper planning.

No matter how prepared you are, it’s good to have someone walk you through some last minute reminders.  At Go Healthcare, we make a point to touch base with our travelers on the Friday before the start of a new travel contract to remind you of the following:

#1:  Did you get your car checked and inspected?

As recruiters, we have  heard the panic on the other side of the phone, “my car is broken!”   Unfortunately, more often than not, it’s always on the day when you are supposed to be on the road.  We have learned to give this recommendation:  get your car checked in advance. 

  • Do plan on getting your car inspected a few days or even a week prior to your actual road trip.
  • Do anticipate that any service work will take a day or a few days which may cause a delay if you wait until the last minute.
  • Invest in a AAA Membership (or something similar) for roadside assistance.  It’s buying peace of mind while you are on the road.

#2:   Did you confirm your housing or hotel  arrangement?

It’s good practice to call and confirm your housing arrangement as part of your last minute check.

  • Staying at an AirB&B? Double-check that you have details and instructions on how to check-in such as gate access code or the keyless entry code.  Make a point of printing out the information or having the information handy on your phone.   Be aware of the specific check-in time and plan accordingly.
  • Staying at an extended stay property?  Understanding the property’s specific check-in time as part of your travel planning as well:   If you are arriving early (before the check-in time) or late (after 10PM), let them know.  Informing the hotel/motel directly can be helpful.  They may  accommodate your request to check in early.  If you are arriving late, you can relax knowing that your room will be available and you are not considered a “no show” or a cancellation.

#3: Did you receive and read the “First Day Instructions” we sent via email?

We only obtain the “First Day Instructions” for you after the hospital has reviewed and cleared your compliance checklist.  Once we get a copy of the First Day Instructions, we send directly to you via email no later than Friday before you first day.  It is important to read and review the information with your recruiter.

  • The information will tell you where you are to report for your first day, what time, what to bring, and what to wear.
  • It may also inform you on the timekeeping process at your new hospital.
  •  Please make sure you have this readily available on your phone or printed out before you go.

#4.  Are you doing a walk-through?

If it is possible, we advise RN Travelers to arrive a day or two before your first day of orientation.

  • Take the time to drive the route you will take to/from your new travel assignment.
  • Note where you are supposed to park.
  • Find where you are supposed to report – HR or the actual Unit?
  • Introduce yourself to the Charge Nurse or your new unit.

By doing a “walk-through”, you can be more relaxed for your first day and maybe have time to grab a cup of coffee at nearest coffee shop instead of scrambling with traffic, directions and all the other things that can happen.

#5.  Did you bring your phone charger?

Perhaps not as important as the other reminders, but forgetting an essential item as you head out the door can add to the already nervousness of starting a new job.  We added this reminder to point out that it’s ok- everything will be alright.  It is easy enough to purchase a replacement.  There is always a solution to any problem.

As a Travel RN, being a good planner is a great skill to have; (control what you can) however, as important is the ability to sometimes have to go with the flow (accept what you cannot).

We hope you find these last minute reminders helpful no matter where you are in your nurse traveling journey.

Let’s GO somewhere!

Check out all of our open travel jobs 

How To Deal with Being Homesick While on Travel Nursing Contract

For many travel nurses, “missing home”, “being lonely” or “just tired of being alone” are a few reasons why they may second guess their decision or stop travel nursing completely.

The opportunity to see the country and make great money are two of the top motivation for why nurses decide to travel. With so many travel nursing jobs from Vermont to Washington, signing a contract to be a travel nurse for 8-13 weeks at a time can be a lot of fun and an exciting career move!  But, it is also a fact that there are several drawbacks to living and working away from home:  feeling lonely and getting homesick.

Homesickness affects all travel nurses.  Whether you are a “seasoned traveler” or starting your very first contract, we want to share real life advice from some of our current travelers on how to handle the inevitable homesick feeling or the “lonely nurse travel blues” while you’re on assignment:

Try Online Dating

IF you are SINGLE,  it is the most practical way to meet new people. Dating sites like Match and Tinder will allow you join for a month or longer and provide an ideal way to start discussions before you arrive at your new destination. Have you been eyeing that taco place a few blocks from the hospital? Why not arrange to meet there to try it out? Or, go somewhere familiar: meet for coffee at your go-to coffee shop in the area. As always, make safety a priority: always meet in a public place first and let a friend,  family or co-worker know of your plans.

Be friendly at your New Hire Orientation

During orientation, you will meet other nurses who are also new to the hospital and to the city. Offer your contact information and set up a time to meet after orientation. They can also be a great resource for housing, finding the closest hair or nail salon, the most convenient grocery store, or to catch a new movie. Be open to hanging out and connecting outside of work.  Know that they too, may be feeling as homesick or lonely as you.

Jump into the local community.

Google “things to do” for your city or town.  Do you love animals?  Check out the local shelter and find out about volunteer opportunities such as walking the dogs or helping out in general.  Check out local functions, such as festivals, church or community events online.  Ask one of the core staff and/or new co-worker to recommend their favorite local restaurants. Perhaps suggest meeting for lunch or dinner on a day off.  Alternatively, Groupon always advertises a list of “things to do” in the area you can try out for reduced rates. These are great ways to get to know area and meet others with common interests.

Get Social Online.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great  ways to stay connected with old and meet new friends.  On Facebook, search “travel nursing groups”  and join several that you have common or shared interests such:  the Gypsy Nurse, Nursing Memes and Nomadic Nursing-a Travel Nurse Housing Page,  just to name a few.    Instagram is a great platform to post those amazing pictures from your road trip and share your travel nursing life in pictures. There is a large group of travel nurses sharing and connecting experiences online.  Many travel nurses become friends and stay connected through social media.  Find other travel nurses in your area/city for a real life “meet up” social event.  Follow these hashtags to connect with fellow Go Healthcare Travelers on their travel contract:  #gotravelRN  #GoRNtravelers.

Schedule “Time Off” to reconnect.

Take advantage of being your new “contract employee” status and make “Personal Time Off” a priority.  Make sure to request one or even two weeks off after you end your contract and before you begin another contract.  Allow yourself some downtime and schedule some fun in between travel assignments.  This is the time to go back home or plan a well deserved trip with friends or family.

Traveling solo does not have to mean traveling lonely.  Know that you will feel homesick every once in awhile, but the beauty of travel nursing is that a travel contract is not forever: its only 3 months.  You can always go back home. Eventually, the independence and flexibility of being a traveler will help overcome the occasional “lonely traveler blues”!

C’mon, let’s GO somewhere!

New England: Best Summer Travel Assignments for Nurses

Now is the time to plan for your summer travel contract.  May we suggest one of our favorite part of the country? 

New England.  There’s no better area of the country to spend your next 13 weeks (or more!) than the six-state area that makes up one of the most unique and rewarding areas of the country.

From rugged coastlines in Maine to the stunning Green Mountains of Vermont, down to the fun, quirky state of Rhode Island, New England has much to offer any travel nurse looking to try something different.  If you’re interested in an assignment in New England this summer, GO can get you there! 

We’ve compiled this state-by-state highlight of New England to get the travel nursing ideas flowing for you. 


Often one of the most overlooked of the New England states, Connecticut has a lot to offer and is full of surprises for first time visitors.  Connecticut offers a diverse array of geography including deep forests in the western part of the state that are excellent for hiking, to a surprisingly expansive seacoast.  In addition, for those that enjoy a bit of nightlife, Connecticut is also home to two gambling casinos as well as a number of wineries and vineyards for the adventurous.  Visit our Connecticut Travel Nursing Jobs listed here.


Also known by the moniker of “Vacationland”, Maine is a fabulous place to spend the summer.  Its romantic, rugged coastline has been the subject of stories, movies, paintings and folklore for hundreds of years.  Maine has millions of acres of forestland that are great for hiking, camping and biking. 

Hungry?  For seafood, you can’t beat the famous Maine lobster, clams and other delicious seafood, particularly “in the rough” (i.e. New England-speak for restaurants that are not fancy!).  Visit our Maine Travel Nursing Jobs listed here.


From Boston – the “Hub of the Universe” – one of America’s premier cities, to the bucolic Berkshire Mountains in the western part of the state – to iconic Cape Cod seashores, Massachusetts is a classic destination that’s great any time of year but summer is particularly fun!  Like sports? Take in a Red Sox ballgame at America’s baseball park – historic Fenway and have a hot dog and cold beer to wash it down.   Visit our Massachusetts Travel Nursing Jobs here.

New Hampshire

Mountains, lakes, quintessential small towns, and even a (very small) coastline, New Hampshire has tons to offer just about everyone.  While many think of New Hampshire for winter fun, summer is a very busy and active time that’s particularly fun for the outdoor enthusiast.  New Hampshire is home to an incredible array of wildlife that make for wonderful photo opportunities during your explorations – bald eagles, black bears (watch it!), bobcats and even the elusive moose make their home in New Hampshire.

Rhode Island

For the nation’s smallest state, Rhode Island packs a lot of fun into summer!  Visit historic Newport, summer home of the titans of industry during the Gilded Age – the mansions are a must see! From there you can visit the wonderful coastline – there’s a reason they call it “The Ocean State” with more beaches and beautiful little coves than you can ever imagine. 

Food? Rhode Island has some quirky summer delights like Del’s Frozen Lemonade® (it’s not Italian ice and it’s not lemonade…but it is delicious!) and Coffee milk.  Visit our Rhode Island Travel Nursing Jobs here.


The “Green Mountain State” is particularly fun to visit in the summertime!  The hiking and sightseeing in these majestic mountains are breathtaking.  As part of the Appalachian Trial, they are actually very accessible and hiking friendly in many areas even for novice hikers.  Vermont has great fishing and camping areas that allow you to take in the beauty of the state without breaking the bank.  While there is no coastline, the crystal clear lakes and rivers can provide a cool dip during the warm summer months.  The most famous lake of all is the huge Lake Champlain, a breathtaking body of water bordering Canada that is a region unto itself.  Take a boat cruise, eat at one of the many fine restaurants on its shoreline, or hunt for the elusive “Champ” – Lake Champlain’s version of the Loch Ness Monster.  Whatever your interests are for outdoor fun, Vermont is sure to satisfy.

If this overview of New England Summer Hot Spots gets your travel nurse muse going, then contact us today and we’ll find just the right assignment for you

Don’t wait as many of these travel nurse jobs are getting filled fast.

Let’s GO to New England this summer!

Midwest Travel Contracts for Something Unique

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to try a travel assignment that’s “off the beaten path.” 

When we ask nurses about where they want to go for a travel nursing assignments, many will say:  California, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado and other more popular destinations. 

These areas are all great places to experience a travel nursing assignment and offer travel nurses wonderful things to do and see during their time off.  However, sometimes it’s nice to try something “different” in life; try that exotic restaurant, see that offbeat movie or taste that crazy looking cocktail with the umbrella in it!  Well, the same can be said for travel nursing. 

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to try a city or town that’s off the beaten path, or a state that you wouldn’t immediately thing of as a “go-to” assignment. Oftentimes, just like going to that little “hole in the wall” restaurant, you can be surprised beyond your wildest dreams as to the quality of the experience and how much enjoyment you can receive from doing the unexpected.

 In this spirit, the team at Go Healthcare Staffing has put together the following: 3 states you should consider for a travel nursing assignment.  Each one has its own special charm and quality to offer, with sights and experiences you may never forget.  


Located in the North-Central US, Wisconsin is the 23rd largest state and the 20th most populous, so lots to see and do!  Bordered by two of the Great Lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Superior), Wisconsin has a very diverse geography that makes it a wonderful destination for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, sailing and water sports. 

More of a city person?   Wilwaukee is a great destination.  Known for its historic beer brewing history, Milwaukee is known as the “Beer Capital of the World.”  If you enjoy imbibing on traditional “American” beers (Miller, Pabst) or like to experiment with craft beers, Milwaukee is the place to be.  And if you’ve worked up an appetite after you’ve quenched your thirst, Milwaukee offers a wonderful selection of restaurants across the city to suit almost every palette. 

Don’t forget to try the wide variety of Wisconsin’s cheeses while you’re there – Wisconsin is also known as the Cheese Capital of the USA and for good reason.  With the advantage of huge dairy lands, Wisconsin uses all that “Cow Power” to produce dozens of different types of cheeses for cheese lovers across the country. 

So, consider Wisconsin for your next travel nursing assignment – click here for a listing of our current Wisconsin travel nurse assignments.


Not too far south of Wisconsin is the “Hoosier State” – Indiana.  Are they crazy about basketball here?  Yes, but that’s far from the only thing this great state has to offer visitors

Indiana is an amazing dichotomy of small towns, rural areas and cosmopolitan cities.  For those that enjoy spending time in nature, Indiana has a tremendous amount of state parks, trails, lakes and historic sites to enjoy the scenery and unsung beauty of the state.  In particular, adventurous folks might enjoy the Indiana Cavern’s – Indiana’s longest cave and its newest “Showcave” where visitors can view spectacular sites including ice-age bones, underground rivers and incredible rock formations.  For above-ground fun, Indiana has a surprising number of wineries and local vineyards, along with top-notch golf courses, theatres and gambling casinos.

For city fun, Indianapolis is Indiana’s largest city and offers everything the urbanite would enjoy – fun nightlife, excellent restaurants, great shopping and a thriving arts scene.  For a listing of our current travel nursing assignments in Indiana, visit here.


Nicknamed the “Show Me State”, Missouri is in the “heartland” of the country.  Now, when many people think of Missouri they automatically think of rolling plains, wheat and cornfields.  While that is certainly a part of the story of Missouri, that is not the whole story…far from it. 

Believe it or not, Missouri is actually the 18th most populous state in the Union and contains two major urban centers – St. Louis and Kansas City (yes, Kansas City is in MO not KS).  Missouri has a tremendous cultural heritage for visitors to enjoy including the musical styles of ragtime, Kansas City jazz, and St. Louis Blues, two different types of barbecue (St. Louis-style and Kansas City-style), beer brewing (Anheuser-Busch), and sports teams (professional and college). 

For the history buffs and sightseers, Missouri is known as “the Gateway to the West” and played a critical role in the expansion of the USA westward during the 1800s as symbolized by St. Louis’s Gateway Arch landmark and many other historic sites across the state. 

Overlooked by many, Missouri actually has a very diverse natural landscape.  With the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers running through it, the state has fertile farmlands, wide plans, expansive forests, rolling hills and the Ozark Mountains in the south – more than enough to keep the outdoorsy types happy

For a list of travel RN assignments with Go Healthcare Staffing in Missouri, visit our job board here.

We hope this overview of Wisconsin, Missouri and Indiana have piqued your interest in trying some “non-traditional” states for travel nursing.  These are just a few of the travel nurse assignments that we have to offer. 

If you’re interested in finding the perfect fit for your next travel nursing assignment, please call us at 844.966.8773 or visit our job board here where we have hundreds of great jobs across the country just waiting for you – experience travel nursing with Go Healthcare Staffing.

7 Ways for Nurses to Save Money While on Travel Assignments

Life on the road can be challenging for travel nurses when it comes to making good decisions on expenses.

Food, transportation and entertainment can become costly when a Travel RN is in an unfamiliar city and working crazy hours.  Making good decisions when it comes to expenses on the road can often make a big difference in a travel nurse’s bank account.  Go Healthcare Staffing has compiled the following innovative list of 7 ways for travel nurses to save money during assignments that you may find helpful during your next travel nursing job.

Use alternative transportation to save on gas and car rental fees

Taking the bus, riding your bike, or carpooling with coworkers can save a great deal of money compared to driving a car every week. Not only is it helpful to your budgeting efforts, it’s also much better for the environment.

Use the “Six-Block Rule” when eating out

A common travel rule of thumb is to ‘Never eat less than six blocks away from a tourist site.’ Why? The food tends to be twice as expensive and sometimes, not half as tasty as the local food spot located two miles in the other direction. Finding your favorite food truck or neighborhood eatery is an easy way to explore your temporary home while traveling on assignment.  

Buy groceries at the local farmer’s market instead of eating out.

There is double the reward for using this tip while traveling. The first, you’re saving money by buying groceries instead of eating at a restaurant for every meal. Second, the local farmer’s market tends to have more benefits to the actual food than buying from the grocery store. Food at the farmer’s market is usually freshly harvested and most of it is organic and non-GMO. It’s also just as affordable as buying from the store, and is often of a better quality.

Download apps on your smartphone that are designed to help you save money

These days there’s an app for just about anything. Why not use an app to help you save on everyday expenses AND special occasions? Groupon is a popular app/website that gives you discounts on countless activities and services with new ones added daily. Hopper, is an app that price predicts flight costs for you in advance and alerts you when it’s the best time to purchase. BerryCart helps you find healthy food choices at an affordable price. Look here for more apps that will not only change the way you shop during your travel assignments, but even when you’re back home!

Look for groups, activities, and events posted on Facebook that meet your interests

Facebook takes your likes and interests from your profile and displays events that might interest you that you can add to your calendar. This is a great way for nurses to meet people when they’re not working, especially since most are events that are either free or low cost to attend. Joining a group on Facebook that coincide with your likes and interests is also a good way to socialize and save money on activities that give special group rates, like theme parks and museum tours.

Take advantage of your credit card’s points program

Learning how to use your credit card’s rewards system effectively is an awesome way to save money while still purchasing things you were going to buy anyway, like gas, food, or flights. If you don’t already have one, try finding one that you know will benefit you the most. For instance, getting a card that gives you free flight mileage for every purchase you make is a great deal for travel nurses taking on assignments too far to drive to. If you have a favorite hotel that you frequent on trips, see if they partner with a bank to help you save on rooms and get complimentary upgrades! Here’s a list of rewards cards geared towards travelers.  

Schedule your flight to depart and return on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

This tip is more to help you save time and sanity rather than money, since travel nurse staffing firms (like Go Healthcare Staffing) often allot money for housing and your plane ticket to and from your assignment if you choose to fly there. Physically, going to the airport is usually the #1 least favorite thing to deal with when it comes to traveling. Flight delays, long lines, and bad customer service are enough to make even the least patient nurse book a rental car to drive 10 hours instead of taking what would have been a 2-hour plane ride. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly to and from your assignment location. Saturdays are generally the best days to avoid flight delays. Keep in mind that delays and high traffic is subject to happen at any given time or day, but if you fly on one of these days you should be able to enjoy savings and smoother travel conditions.

We hope you find these tips on 7 ways for travel nurses to save money during assignments helpful.  Implementing even one or two of these on your next assignment can save substantially on your expenses. 

 If you would like to speak live with one of our experienced recruiters to explore opportunities, please feel free to call us at 844-966-8773 today!


7 Questions Every Nurse Traveler Should Ask During a Phone Interview

As your Go Healthcare Recruiter, we get as excited as you do when we hear that you are about to get THAT call:  the phone interview!   Make sure you get answers to these 7 interview questions before hanging up the phone.

We have planned for this call.  We have reviewed the initial job description together and discussed the location.  Based on your current experience, this travel contract would be perfect for you.   However; we remind our travelers it’s the conversation with the hiring manager during the phone interview that can “seal the deal” whether this is truly the right travel contract for you.

So before you pack your bags and gas up the car for this 13-week travel assignment, let us share the experiences from previous Go Travelers’ phone interviews.   You will get a lot information during your 15-20 minute conversation with the hiring manager, make sure to take notes and get these 7 questions answered:

1.  Ask about Floating. “If I need to be floated, what unit(s) will I be floated to?”

It is always good to know what is expected of you.  Keep in mind as a Joint Commission certified company, Go Healthcare ensures you can only be floated to units where you have had previous experience.

2.  Ask about “call-offs”.  “What is your policy regarding call-offs?”

Nurse Travelers are hired because the unit/facility has staffing needs, but on occasion, census does drop and if you can’t be floated, you may be called off.   Also, worth noting, most contracts do guarantee your weekly hours; but if there’s not a weekly guarantee, know what to expect.

3.  Ask about Orientation.  “What can I expect orientation?”

Ask specifically about what you can expect for unit orientation besides the general hospital orientation.

4.  Ask about your schedule.

This is the appropriate time to inquire about what type of schedule you will be working.  Often times the job order you’ve been submitted to has a specific shift assigned; however, the interview call is a great time to clarify the actual times.  Other questions you may want to ask are:

“Are there other shifts open/available?”

“Is it ok to have to block my schedule?”

“Can you confirm the weekend requirements?”

For Dialysis, PACU, OR and in some cases, ICU nurses, ask, “Should I expect to be “on call” and “how many hours per week should I expect to be scheduled “on call”?    -You won’t know unless you ask.

5. Ask and get approval for your “Time Off Request”

Any time off request must be included as part of your submission that we forward to the hiring manager prior to your interview.  Make sure to discuss your time off request and get the approval before you end your call.  In our experience, additional time off request after your interview delays the final job offer.   Final take away:  get the time off request approved during your interview.

6. Ask “Is it okay to call you back if I have additional questions?

The ability to get back in touch with the hiring manager is critical should there be further questions or concerns about the final offer we received.  In our opinion, this may be one of the most important questions to ask.  Don’t end the call without making sure you have the hiring manager’s full name and contact number and/or email.

7.  Ask “When can I start?”

Once you’ve completed your interview and feel that you are a good fit for the unit, it’s perfectly alright to ask, “When can I start? or “will my start date work for you?”.   This question shows the hiring manager that you are serious about accepting the position.  This can let her know she does not need to interview/call another traveler for the position.   She should feel confident that she has just talked to her new RN traveler for her unit.

Our goal at Go Healthcare is to make sure you are in the know before you GO.   Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or this is your first contract (congratulations, by the way), it is always a good idea to keep these 7 questions in mind before you have your phone interview.  Good Luck!

4 Tips for Travel Nurses to Stay Safe During Storms or Natural Disasters

When a natural disaster or tragedy strikes an area or city where you are currently working as a travel RN, do you know what to do or what is expected of you? 

Nurses are extremely essential to any community’s success when recovering from particularly damaging and displacing conditions. From helping sick patients with their basic survival needs of shelter, security and treatments, to setting up disaster triage and helping members of the effected community locate their loved ones, nurses are always on the front lines helping those in need during these unfortunate events.

Go Healthcare shares  4 tips for travel nurses to stay safe during storms or natural disasters while you are working a travel assignment away from home.

Pay Attention to Live News Sources and Prepare Accordingly  

It can often be very difficult to keep up with local weather and news when you’re on assignment.  Hectic, stressful days (or nights) can make a travel nurse want to “tune out” whats going on outside of work.  However, it’s very important to remember to keep up with the local weather report and subscribe to weather alerts and check them regularly.

In most cases, meteorologists detect storms up to a week in advance, but there is never a guarantee of exactly where the storm will go and when it will happen.

Other natural events, like earthquakes, are harder to predict and scientists have a smaller window of time (or no amount of time at all) to notify citizens that they should evacuate.

For these reasons, it is imperative that travel nurse pay attention the news (whether its direct alert notices, internet, TV, or radio) whenever you are on  assignment.

Have a Personal Emergency Supply

A key part of being prepared is to have emergency supplies ready in case of a power outage. A first aid kit and an emergency water supply (other than bottled water) are two HUGE necessities. Other items, like waterproof bags to hold a flash light, radio, matches and batteries, are also life-changers in these situations can help you connect with emergency responders or family if need be. Personal care items like wet wipes, hand sanitizer and soap are great for emergency situations to stay clean and people usually carry these in their travel bags to begin with.

Create an Evacuation/Safety Route

Another important thing to do while on assignment is to figure out a plan to stay safe. Traveling and bad weather simply do not mix and can leave you in a dangerous situation. If you’re staying at a hotel or similar lodging for your next assignment, ask a staff member or find a map to see where the safest place in the building is and how to get there from your room. Usually a ballroom or dining room with no windows is safe. If nothing like that is available, the bathroom is the next safest room. Getting in the tub and covering yourself with a cushion from the couch or a chair can also help protect you from falling debris.

If you haven’t already arrived at your travel assignment location when you hear news of the storm, see if there is any way to change your flight and/or hotel reservation. Hotels in areas that are normally affected by bad weather often have no extra fees for changing your reservation or no problem with refunding your money. In dire cases where you cannot make it to the location because of things like grounded flights, see if your site location will change your orientation date (this is a long shot, but if you notify them as soon as possible they may be willing to work something out.)

Stay at Work If You Are Scheduled 

If you’re working at the hospital during a storm or natural disaster, it is likely that you’re already in the safest place to be. Hospitals have multiple generators to keep them from losing power and enough food and water to feed staff and residents until you can leave. If the storm is too bad, hospitals can evacuate patients and employees to another hospital in a safer area.

Hopefully these tips will help any travel nurse that finds themselves in the path of a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or any other type of dangerous weather conditions. We at Go Healthcare Staffing always want to encourage our nurses to take all safety measures that are possible in any situation. To help others, nurses must first be safe too.

Winter Travel Nursing Jobs in Arizona 2019


Winter is Coming! It’s time to go somewhere warmer. Arizona beckons as a warm weather destination for travel nurses. Go Healthcare is actively recruiting travel nurses in several specialties for 13 to 26 week travel contracts starting in September and early October 2019.  If snow shoveling and wearing winter boots aren’t appealing, consider packing your hiking boots and sandals (you’ll need both) and join us in Arizona this winter!  We’ve gather a sample of travel nursing jobs  available for you right now:

Chandler, Arizona

Chandler is a city located 23 miles southeast of Phoenix. As a suburb, Chandler is in close proximity to all the cultural, recreational, and sports attractions of its surrounding neighbors, yet holds on to a couple distinctions: it is the home to the Ostrich Festival every spring, and it has been named “Playful City USA” for the last eleven years. For travel nurses looking for a winter travel contract in Arizona, Chandler is a perfect place to stay and play.  A traveler favorite, 338-bed, Level 1 trauma hospital has several travel nursing jobs available for 13 to 26 weeks.  With several travel contracts open for the winter season, local Arizona nurses are also eligible for the following travel contracts:

  • Tele Travel Nurses for Med/Surg Tele Float Pool | Shift: 12 Days | Must be able to titrate cardiac drips | 13 or 26 week contracts available | Apply here
  • Tele Travel Nurses for Med/Surg Tele Float Pool | Shift:  12 Nights | Must be able to titrate cardiac drips | 13 or 26 week contracts available | Apply here

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is located in the southeastern part of the state. It is a sprawling metropolitan city that boasts great weather almost all year round, a thriving job market, and a relatively low cost of living. As America’s 5th largest city, Phoenix offers travel nurses a taste of cosmopolitan living with the breathtaking backdrop of the desert scenery.  A traveler friendly, 512 bed, Level 1 trauma hospital in Phoenix has the following travel nursing jobs available for 13 to 26 week travel. Local nurses living in the Phoenix area are also eligible to apply for the following travel contracts:

  • CVICU Travel Nurses | Shift: 12Days | Level 1 trauma facility exp and IV skills required | Apply here
  • ICU Travel Nurses for Critical Care Float  | Shift: 12N | previous level 1 trauma exp required | Start date: 10/7 | Apply here
  • OR Travel Nurses | Shift 12D | Must have neuro experience | Start date:  10/7 | Apply here 

Lake Havasu City, Arizona.   

Located in Western Arizona, Lake Havasu City is known for being the home of the actual “London Bridge”. The bridge was purchased when London put it up for auction in 1968. A popular vacation destination, Lake Havasu is a perfect contract for travel nurses who prefer recreational activities and a more relaxed pace.  A 163-bed short term acute care hospital, located in Lake Havasu has the following travel nursing jobs available:   Stepdown Travel Nurses for a 26 week contract | Preferred start date: 9/30 | Apply here

Ganado, Arizona

Ganado is a chapter of the Navajo Nation and a census designated place, or CDP, in Apache County, Arizona.  Gallup, New Mexico, is 58 miles (an hour’s drive) to the East and 285 miles (4 ½ hours) from Phoenix to the West.  A traveler who craves less restriction, wide open spaces and who can work independently is ideal for Ganado, Arizona.  A 25 bed critical access hospital has the following travel nursing jobs available:

  • ER Travel Nurses for 12 Day Shift 7A-7P| Start Date: 9/30 | Apply here
  • ER Travel Nurses for 12 Nights 7P-7A  | Start Date:  9/30 | Apply here

Prescott, Arizona
Head ninety miles to the North of Phoenix, and you will find Prescott, Arizona. Located in the Bradshaw Mountains of Central AZ, Prescott is unique in that it is situated 5,300 feet above the desert. It is dubbed, “everybody’s hometown” and was the original capital of Arizona before Phoenix. The Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe Reservation is adjacent to and partially within the border of the town. For RN travelers who enjoy a laid-back mountain town with temperate winter weather, Prescott is a great option.  A 134 bed, acute care facility in Prescott has the following winter travel nursing jobs available:

  • Pediatric Travel Nurses for a 10 bed pediatric unit. Ages neonate to 17 years old. | Start Date:  1/14/2020 | Apply here
  • ICU Travel Nurses with strong cardiac experience | Float is required | Start Date:  10/14/2019 | Apply here
  • OR Travel Nurses to circulate neuro, gynco, ortho, general cases | Shift: 11A-7:30 plus call | Apply here

Fort Defiance, Arizona

In the Dine language, “Fort Defiance” is Tsehootsooi which means “green place among the rocks”. The city is close to the border of Arizona and New Mexico. Gallup, New Mexico, is roughly 25-30 miles away.  Travel nurses who wants to experience the Native American culture will appreciate a 13 week travel contract here.   A travel contract in Fort Defiance means getting away from the hustle and bustle of a big city.   A 56-bed acute care hospital has the following travel nursing jobs available for September and October starts:

  • Postpartum Travel Nurses for an outpatient setting, Traveler must have OB/GYN experience | Apply here
  • Med/Surg Travel Nurses with recent peds experience | Apply here
  • OR Travel Nurses to circulate all cases | Apply here

Every year, the Grand Canyon state is ranked as one of the top destination for travel nurses. Some travelers look to Arizona for “somewhere warmer” to go during winter.  But Arizona is popular as a travel contract destination any time of the year because of the ease of obtaining a license (it’s a walk through), the availability of travel contracts and the traveler friendly hospitals.   Furthermore, nurses with a compact state license can be assured that they can start a travel contract almost immediately as they can practice in Arizona with their current nursing license.   Many travel nurses come year after year to the same hospital for their winter contracts.  The hospitals are always ready to the familiar faces of returned travelers and new travelers equally.

How are you spending your winter?  Are you ready to experience the enchanting desert landscape?  Perhaps hike, bike or climb some of the most beautiful terrain in the country?  Or simply get out of your comfort zone?  For all the different reasons you choose to travel, let’s talk or text 844-966-8773 to discuss travel contracts in Arizona.  C’mon, let’s GO!

Best Phone Apps to Download for Travel Nurses

Before you hit the road, check out the list of useful phone apps  to help plan your trip to your next assignment.  

Congratulations, you have accepted a new travel nursing job with Go Healthcare! With so many things to do before your first day at a new job in a new city, you may need help planning for one of the most important things: the trip getting there.

Mapping  your trip.

Determine how much time you need to drive to your new destination. Make sure you give yourself a healthy margin before your start date to arrive.  It’s a good idea to plan on getting to your new nurse travel assignment at least one or two days before your scheduled “first day”.

  • Apps to download:    Waze, Iphone Maps, and Google Maps.

(These are the most reliable apps we have found.)

Planning  for the weather.

Check the weather forecast and buffer extra time in case you hit stormy areas. By allocating additional time to your plan, it allows you to pull off and relax instead of rushing through bad weather.

  • Great apps to download:  “NOAA Weather Radar Live” & “The Weather Channel”.

Both have been used and tested to show “real time” forecast not only at your current location, but where you are headed.

Filling Up and Often.

Whether you are making the drive at night or day, make a point of “filling up” on gas at a quarter of a tank instead of waiting until you are on “Empty” or the gas light comes on.  Also make sure you are including fuel in your trip budget. Figure out how much gasoline you will need and make sure you have money or enough on your credit card for multiple fill ups.

  • Best app to download:  “Gas Buddy” – it shows the lowest gas prices in your specific area.

Finding Rest on the road.

If traveling a long distance, plan where you will stop to rest and/or sleep. Do not wait until you are on the road to “find something”. Prioritize your safety and security by planning where you will stop for the night or a few hours by booking your motel/hotel room ahead of time.

  • Apps to download on your phone:  Hotwire, Priceline, or

Staying in touch.

Check in with friends and family via Facebook or text while traveling so they know you’re safe and can keep track of your current location! It’s fun to allow them to share your adventure. However, never text and drive.

  • Social apps to download:  Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype.

Getting  familiar with your new location.

Part of the adventure in taking a travel nursing job is getting to know the new city you will be calling home for thirteen weeks.

  • Good apps to download:  “Yelp”  “AroundMe” and “TripAdvisor”.

All three have been “traveler tested” as great resources with reviews for finding the essentials:  nearest grocery store, pharmacy, nail/hair/barber.  These apps are great for also finding your next favorite restaurants, hotels and things to do in the area.

As a Go RN Traveler, we want to ensure you are getting to your travel assignment safe and sound.  We hope these tips and suggested apps help with your travel planning.

C’mon, let’s go somewhere!

Check out all of the hundreds of travel jobs we have throughout the U.S.  Let’s connect via talk or text or email at

*The list of suggested apps posted in the article are available on “App Store” in IOS devices or the “Google Play Store” in Android devices.