Travel Nurse Reviews of Go Healthcare Staffing: see what our Travel Nurses say about us: 

“I’ve been with the company for almost a year now. They’re so great to work with!   I can’t say enough good things about Carolyn. She’s always on top of things and makes my job easier. Carolyn is easy to reach and she’s consistently pleasant. Carolyn is motivated to do the best for her nurses and she makes things happen. When I hear about recruiters from other companies I feel so lucky to have her!  Sony also is on top of things and helps to make getting paid an easier process. She’s also very easy to work with!”

Michelle, Travel RN

“I am on my 1st contract with Go Healthcare. Mrs. Carolyn Davis is awesome and patient. I told her what I wanted she took her time and searched for what I wanted. In fact, she went beyond and had back-up assignments just in case my approval did not go through. There was nothing hidden everything was on the table. Mrs. Carolyn Davis is a friend to have in the corner, she evens answer after hours. Having compassionate, knowledgeable and patient recruiters says a lot about a company.”

Quanda, Travel RN

“I’m on my third contract with Go!! I absolutely love this company! My recruiter Carolyn Davis, is amazing!! She is fast, efficient and you really feel like she’s in your corner 24/7!! Go is my fourth travel company to use and it is definitely at the top of my list!!!”

Dana, Travel RN

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Mary Beth Walsh-Wagner for several years when I was a traveler. She was awesome from day 1! She worked diligently to get the assignments that i wanted and was always available to help with the details of every contract and every relocation.  I highly recommend Go Healthcare Staffing!

Jeanne, Travel RN

“I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found Carolyn Davis at GO! The level of professionalism and genuine care that she exhibited told me IMMEDIATELY that this was going to be a different experience. And IT HAS BEEN. Carolyn and GO do what they SAY they are going to do. Period. They have been 500% trustworthy and they GET your assignment. In addition, all of the other involved staff-from credentialing to travel to payroll- has been EXCELLENT. I tell everyone about this company and my recruiter-rare jewels in the world of travel nursing. THANK YOU, Go Healthcare and Carolyn!”

Susan, Travel RN

“I’ve been a traveler for more than 6 years and I found out about Go Healthcare from someone at my last assignment. What I like is the transparency and consistency. My recruiter was straightforward with me about everything. It’s not just about the pay, but how you are treated before, during and after. The company is not one of the big ones so I feel like they treat you more like family. One time, I had an issue with insurance and when I talked to someone, it sounded like they know me – not just a number, but a person. In my opinion, it’s better to work with a smaller company just because you feel like you have a lifeline. I am on my third assignment now. And I cannot say that every day is smooth, that’s just not the reality of being a traveler, but I like that when something does happen, they have my back. That counts for a lot. The only reason why I’m not giving them 5 stars is because I want them to always try hard in keeping me. LOL!”

ICU Travel RN

“I have avoided travel nursing for three years because of the horror stories I have heard and the bad reviews I have read. I took a chance on a new travel company hoping that they would take a chance on me. July 15, 2015 I was connected to recruiter Carolyn Davis. She motivated me and assisted me throughout the process. I appreciate that the facts and figures are explained, in writing, up front. August 14, 2015 I arrived in North Carolina to begin a new phase in my career. Carolyn is still a call/text/e-mail away. Amber (Credentialing Specialist) is always available to assist also. They are like my personal cheerleaders. I truly appreciate them I have every confidence that they will continue to take care of me. I have spoken to other employees at the agency and they were also helpful. Go Healthcare is the best way to go!”

Shewan, Travel RN

Signed with a new company, literally a brand new company just getting started. Carolyn was to be my recruiter. Wow, what an experience!. We bonded from the moment we spoke. Now consider ourselves sisters from another mother. Not only an amazing recruiter, but more importantly an amazing women. Have worked with many companies and never felt more appreciated. She goes above an beyond in every sense. Carolyn puts your needs first; you are not just a number. She has made me feel that I can (an have) called her 24/7, and she will respond within 5 min. Really, what other recruiter has been so attentive? Another ex., Was invited to visit the corporate office in Charlotte, NC (city of my current assignment), Carolyn made a special trip from W. VA for the day just to meet me !!!! Have to admit, there have been a few unexpected glitches in the process, but Carolyn has resolved these issues in a very timely matter. No waiting 3+ days for resolution. If she doesn’t have the answers, she will contact someone who does, who also gets back to you in a timely matter. Unlike the “used car salesman” attitude amongst recruiters, Carolyn keeps it real. Have truly found a diamond in the rough. Thank You Carolyn and Go Healthcare Staffing!

Deb, Travel RN

“I was initially reluctant to go with a new (another one?) agency. I’ve worked with what seems like all of them, from the big “industry leader” to the smaller company focuses on a certain area. The one thing that stood out when the recruiter called me is that he genuinely cared. He asked questions about what’s important to me rather than just rattling everything that I’ve heard before a thousand times. I also like that my recruiter says what he is going to do and then do what he says. Trust is so important to me. Overall, my experience has been great. It’s been said time and time again, its the relationship with your recruiter that can make or break your experience as a travel nurse. From my experience with Go Healthcare, they’ve got the right people in place. Pros: genuine relationship with recruiter, great comp package.”

Travel RN, Arizona

At Go Healthcare Staffing we truly value and pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our Travel Nurses and we do everything we can to make them happy; from 24×7 support to caring recruiters to our Go Happy Traveler Program.  Looking for a Travel Nurse staffing company you can really feel good about? Give us a try!