Go Healthcare takes a very different approach to travel nurse staffing by focusing on the unique needs of our nurses that we firmly believe helps to ensure the personal and professional success of every assignment for our travel nurses.

We do this through an in-depth understanding of the travel nursing profession and a strong commitment through our unique GO Happy Traveler Program to provide the personalized support and care that each individual nurse needs while on assignment.  Simply put, we do everything we can to make our travel nurses happy.

We help our travel nurses “GO Happy” through:

  • Regular check-ins throughout each assignment to ensure the assignment is going well from the nurse’s point of view
  • A warm, experienced, caring program manager – a single point of contact – for our travel nurses that truly cares for each nurse and understands the challenges each faces on the road
  • Warm reminders of home through personalized gifts, recognition and special surprises
  • A relentless focus on long-term satisfaction and forging great relationships with our travel nurses

Work with us on your next travel nursing job and experience the Go Healthcare Staffing difference first-hand.  We do everything we can to make out travel nurses happy – we listen to your needs and understand the challenges of being on the road.  We’re a friendly ear and a helping had whenever you need it.

GO Happy!