It Takes A Good Nurse to Know a Good Nurse

Who would know better what makes a good Travel Nurse than someone who understands what it takes — another Travel Nurse.

We know there are intangibles about a travel nursing job, that despite our best efforts to share with a new nurse candidate, we cannot explain better than you.

Only you know what it takes to leave the stability of a permanent job and start a travel contract at another hospital in another city.

You can tell within a week of working with a new Traveler whether they are good. You have experienced working with others that have left you shaking your head or have muttered “bless your heart” (if you are from the South) because you know it would be a miracle if they last the first week, let alone a full contract.

You Know What it Takes.

You have learned to read between the lines of a job description. You know that any job requiring “previous travel experience” is not an easy one. You understand that what any unit need from any Traveler is for someone clinical experienced to jump in and “hit the ground running” on day one because more than likely, the unit will always be short-staffed.

You know a “great attitude” can go along way because as a Traveler, you have learned to expect that issues will come up not only at work, but as part of being away from home. You have learned to “roll with the punches”.

You know what it takes to work alongside what seem to be a less-than-welcoming environment initially, only to become the reason why you decide to stay for another extension eventually.

You know that no matter how ideal the assignment destination: a big city or a quiet town, there will always be an adjustment and it will always be difficult to settle in especially the first 2-3 weeks. You have learned to stick it out and you know that it does get better.

You have had a moment, your own epiphany, when you realize that YOU are a GOOD RN Traveler! Travel nursing is not for everyone, you know this. And you know that it takes a good nurse to know a good one.

“It Takes One to Know One” Program

Go Healthcare’s “It Takes One to Know One” rewards travel nurses for referring other nurses to the exciting career of travel nursing in the U.S.A.

Quick Takeaway:

  1. Nurses receive $500 for every nurse referral up to (5) five nurses.
  2. For all other referrals, nurses receive $1,000 per referral.
  3. All specialties are eligible.

Refer A Nurse