Inner Circle Group

The Inner Circle is our exclusive Go Healthcare Staffing program designed to provide support, show appreciation, and celebrate all of our active travelers on assignment throughout the country. 

You’re going places and as part of Go Healthcare’s Inner Circle, you are never traveling alone.  Each Traveler has a dedicated traveler support team consisting of a Recruitment Manager, Payroll Specialist, Credentialing Specialist, Clinical RN Liaison and Traveler Service Coordinator who will ensure you are supported throughout your assignment. 

Our Inner Circle Commitment:   

  • Dedicated Traveler Support Care Line: 704-897-7469 (save this number!).   Should issues arise, as they may often do, you can call or text to reach us.   Anytime.  
  • Clinical Support.   A Clinical Liaison aligned with your practice is available to support you.  Schedule a call with a Clinical Liaison within 24 hours.
  • Inner Circle Points Program – Earn points that you can redeem for exclusive merchandise and gear from our exclusive online store or redeem for great gift cards. 
  • Inner Circle Online Store – Thoughtfully curated gifts and merchandise for our Inner Circle members redeemable only with your earned points. 
  • Celebrate YOU.  We love sending gifts: birthdays, holidays, and special times on the road with you.   
  • Easy Weekly Pay:  Ongoing and unwavering commitment to get you paid on time, every time.  (With proper timesheets received on time)

Who is Eligible?

All travelers currently on assignment as of May 30, 2022, are eligible and are automatically included in our Inner Circle Program. Find out more about how to earn and redeem Inner Circle Program points and check out all the new travel jobs we have available for your next travel contract. 

Do you want to be a part of our Inner Circle? Connect with one of our Recruitment Managers today and let us know where you want to go. With thousands of new travel jobs, now is the best time to go travel!

Do you know a great nurse, therapist or allied professional who deserves to be part of our Inner Circle, refer them here.


"Go has been amazing! I started my travel career with this company and I could not ask for anything better"
-Blake, ER Traveler