The Heart of GO Program

We are pleased to announce our Heart of Go Travel Nurse Recognition Program, which gives us another opportunity to recognize and thank our travel nurses. Heart of Go is our way of showing everyone how our nurses are truly the heart of the company. They are the reason we are well respected and remain a top travel nurse staffing partner for our clients and hospitals. As we launch this new initiative, we are excited to highlight and show the “love” to our most valued and appreciated travel nurses. 

The Heart of Go program will receive nominations from our current roster of travel nurses. Each nomination will give our team a closer look at how the nominee makes an extraordinary impact throughout their travel assignment. The Heart of Go recipient will then receive the “Heart of Go” a custom designed lapel pin to commemorate their recognition as well as a surprise gift box sent at their travel assignment location. Travel nurses working with Go Healthcare Staffing are the pulse of our organization. We look forward to giving our Recruitment Managers, hospitals clients and patients the chance to nominate one of our nurses for making a difference.

Heart of GO Recipients

Jessica M.

Pediatric ER, RN 

“Jessica is the embodiment of what this award entails. Her love for what she does shines through to every patient. I am so thrilled that she has chosen to work with GO and thankful for her hard work, dedication and amazing personality. She makes what we do fun!”

Eryn, Recruitment Manager



Chanda D.

Stepdown, RN

“Chanda, has been a dedicated nurse for 12 years. She has consistently worked with me since March of 2021. She stayed the course with me when the rates really hit bottom. Chanda is a floor preceptor for all new travel nurses and hires. They trust her skill and knowledge base.

She is a great nurse and represents Go Healthcare well!”

Dana, Recruitment Manager



Danette H.

ICU/Stepdown, RN 

“Danette was the 2nd nurse I signed when joining the Go Team. During our journey, she has exemplified nothing but excellence. Danette has received recognition for her attendance, dedication, hard work, flexibility, teamwork with staff, and the quality patient care she provides. Danette is a true Gem and I thank you Danette for all that you do!”

Lanette, Recruitment Manager



Julie G.


“Julie embodies the Heart of Nursing. Her 13 years of experience are in ER, ICU and Flight Nursing. With that, her passion lies in ICU. She is a critical thinker and, in this role, her knowledge and experience allows her to execute, monitor and direct life saving measures.”

Tara, Recruitment Manager



Duane & Jamie E.

Med/Tele, RNs

“Jamie & Duane are a dream to work with. They have been a true embodiment of what this award was designed to reflect. When I think of the heart of our company, Duane and Jamie are the first that come to mind. They have both received such positive feedback from their assignments. They truly are the Heart of Go.”

Eryn, Recruitment Manager


Jennifer J.


“Jennifer is an excellent nurse. She is dedicated, kind, committed and has a heart for helping people. She is the epitome of word Nurse – a person who cares for the sick or affirmed in both body and mind. Jennifer has been a nurse for 16 years. She says, “I decided to become a nurse when my only daughter became ill at the age of 7 and died at the age of 18. I saw how sensitive and compassionate they were. Even though they were busy and stressed out, they always made time for my baby, myself, and my family. They made me feel so much better and taught us all how to cope. Words cannot describe how much that touched my soul. I decided and knew that I needed and could make a difference in people lives.” Jennifer has been a pleasure to work with on her travel nurse journey.”

Tara, Recruitment Manager


Marcie V.

Med/Tele, RN

“Nursing is a humanitarian endeavor and Mrs. Marcie V. has displayed this since day one. Working with Marcie I have learned that she has a deeper insight into her values and life experiences and in turn she has increased her ability to see her patients holistically. This is seen in her clinical care delivery, learning and curiosity, motivation in the care of others, and relationships with team members and patients. Medical/Surgical nursing has provided her opportunities to utilize her critical thinking and practical skills to help alleviate her patient’s fears and concerns! Marcie I value you and all that you bring to the Go Team and it is a honor to have you as one of my travelers! Love your favorite recruiter, Lanette.”

Lanette, Recruitment Manager


Shivani P.


“This is Shivani’s first assignment with GO; and my first PICU nurse. Being a PICU nurse is not for the faint of heart. Having such a young and vulnerable group of patients only shows the strength in the individual caring for them. Shivani not only has her Bachelor of Science in nursing she also has her Doctorate and maintained a 4.0 GPA. She is an amazing team player; willing to work both day and night shifts and floating when needed. We are happy to honor a nurse as special as Shivani.”

Heather, Recruitment Manager


Rhonda C.


“We consider it a true privilege to include Rhonda as part of our traveling nurse team, or as we fondly call it, “our inner circle”.  Rhonda first started her travel career with Go in 2019.  At every travel contract, she has become an integral part of the OR team.  Her multiple extensions at every travel contract exemplifies not only her clinical contribution but also to her professionalism and personality.  She is being nominated for this recognition because she defines what it means to have “the Heart of Go”. 

When asked, “why did you become a nurse?”  She shared her experience of witnessing her sister battling cancer and the frustration with the medical teams with her sister’s care.  It was at that junction that she wanted to “be the change” she wished to see in nursing and in healthcare.

Rhonda has over 30 years of experience in the operating room. She is highly dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional in her work. She is a true professional and an experienced nurse with a true understanding of the complexity of an operating room environment.  As her recruiter, she is a pleasure to work with and work for.”

Andre, Director of Recruitment


Shari F.


“Sharon has been one of mine and Go’s longest tenured travelers. She is extremely adept in her ICU and overall nursing knowledge. She always works to ensure the best possible care for her patients. She is also an excellent teacher and is able to effectively educate her fellow nurses on the best techniques and procedures. Her bedside manner is exemplary and she is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her patients receive the best possible care. She has always made sure to fulfill her contracts no matter what she was facing personally. Her strength and perseverance are something special. On top of all that, Sharon is a complete hoot and is a real joy to work with.”

Andre, Director of Recruitment


Tim L.

ER/MedSurg, RN 

“What to say about Tim? Well, Tim is almost as much engrained in the fabric of GO Healthcare as anyone who has ever worked here. Since Tim has joined us, he has traveled to 7 different hospitals and has worked a total of 28 contracts. He started with us in September 2015. He is the true definition of a loyal traveler.
I have worked with Tim almost exclusively since he started with us. I consider Tim a friend. He’s always a joy to work with. When I think about the type of nurse, I want representing us; Tim is top of mind. He is dedicated, hardworking, has a calming personality and is easy-going. All those things I’m sure have contributed to not only his success with us but are all great attributes to have. He has been asked to extend multiple times at numerous facilities.
We cannot speak highly enough of Tim’s professionalism, expertise and caring nature. He is a true asset to the healthcare industry and we feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him. Anyone who has the chance to work with Tim in the future will be extremely fortunate.
Tim, we are truly honored to have you on our team and look forward to future endeavors working with you!”

Craig, Vice President of Recruitment


Kim P.

Telemetry, RN 

Compassion, empathy and being able to connect with patients on a personal level -these are all the traits of a great nurse, these are also the words to describe Kim. 

Kim’s 8 years of experience is essential in her current travel assignment as she cares for patients fighting cancer.  

She takes the time to explain the procedures and treatments in a way that helps her patients understand and makes them feel more at ease. She has been a great traveler for this current hospital.  

Outside of “work”, Kim is passionate about children with medical needs.  She works as a seasonal camp nurse for Flying Horse Farms, a camp for children with serious illness to experience the joy of experiencing summer camp.  Understanding that there are children who need foster care, she and her husband just signed up and hope to make a difference in the lives of two children with medical needs.

This is Kim’s first travel assignment with Go Healthcare and even though we selfishly want her to extend, we are happy that being a travel nurse means she can take time off in between contracts to finally take her honeymoon to Italy!

Having the opportunity to get to know nurses like Kim is one of the best things about being a Recruiter.  She is inspiring to us all.  I want to acknowledge that an amazing human works among us by recognizing her as the Heart of Go for May 2023.”

Heather, Recruitment Manager


Abby M.

MedSurg, RN 

“Abby has been working with Go for just over 1 year. During her time with us, it has been nothing less than a pleasure to work with her and have her represent us. Abby has shown dedication, compassion, and motivation towards being a successful travel nurse. Despite experiencing close losses during her contract, Abby was able to successfully continue her contract and extensions. That speaks volumes about her work ethic. Abby, please know that today and every day, I would like to thank you for your contributions, compassion, and commitment to helping others. I will contribute to recognizing you and supporting you. Thank you, and you are appreciated.

Lanette, Recruitment Manager


Rose & Dan K.


“I am nominating Dan and Rose Kelly for the prestigious Heart of Go award. With an impressive nursing career spanning over 20 years, Dan and Rose have dedicated themselves to the field, specializing as PICU nurses. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has earned them the respect and admiration of management in every contract they undertake. They generously devote their time to mentoring new nurses, readily offering guidance and support. Their colleagues frequently go to them for advice, relying on their exceptional knowledge and experience in caring for the children.

While based in Florida, Dan and Rose have embraced the adventurous spirit during their recent contract, by taking on kayaking and hiking expeditions across West Virginia and Tennessee. They have been married for over 10 years and have raised a son together….

In their spare time, you can find Rose singing, with Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” being her go-to song. On the other hand, Dan has reignited his passion for flying by resuming his flight lessons. In his spare time, you can find Dan buzzing over his father’s home in Tennessee.

Both Dan and Rose come from families with nurses who influenced their choice of profession. Rose’s grandmother was a nurse, and took Rose on a life-changing mission trip to Honduras during her junior year of high school, inspiring Rose to pursue a career in nursing. Similarly, Dan was inspired to become a nurse just like his mom. Growing up, he frequently accompanied her to various functions, witnessing firsthand the healing impact nurses had on people’s lives.

When it comes to the care of sick children, Dan and Rose are the ones you want at your child’s bedside. Their compassion, expertise, and unwavering dedication are inspiring, and they embody the true essence of nursing and inspiring others through their remarkable journey.”

Dana, Recruitment Manager


Dawn M.

Stepdown, RN 

“Dawn has been a dedicated nurse since 1983. Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside her and witnessing her genuine passion for caring for patients. What truly keeps her grounded and fuels her love for nursing is the appreciation and remarks she receives from families, acknowledging the exceptional care she provides to their loved ones.

Outside of her nursing profession, Dawn is a loving and devoted grandmother with four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She cherishes spending quality time with her grandkids, especially attending their dance recitals and being involved in their lives. One of Dawn’s favorite hobbies is reading, and she also enjoys watching movies in her leisure time. She finds joy and relaxation in these activities, which help her recharge after busy days at work.

Dawn resides in North Myrtle Beach, and her house has become a cherished gathering place for the family during vacations. She recently purchased her place and has fallen in love with the beachside lifestyle, finding it both calming and rejuvenating.

She is a talented cook and hosts her family for Thanksgiving. She loves creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for her loved ones to come together and create cherished memories. Even during holidays like Christmas, Dawn willingly takes on work responsibilities so that younger nurses with families can spend precious time with their children. This selfless act showcases her compassionate nature and willingness to support her colleagues.

Dawn’s generosity and dedication to her profession make her a truly exceptional nurse and the perfect candidate for the Heart of Go award. We are so lucky to have her on our team!”

Dana, Recruitment Manager


Kevin B.

Med/Tele, RN 

I am honored to nominate Kevin for the Heart of Go Award, recognizing his remarkable dedication and compassion. Throughout his year of working with Go, serving on the Pratt5 MedSurg/Tele unit, Kevin has consistently exemplified the qualities that make him a standout candidate for this award.

Kevin’s positive impact on our team is immeasurable. With over a year on the team, he has consistently gone above and beyond, earning nothing but praise from both colleagues and patients. His desire to provide compassionate care has led to numerous contract extensions.

Beyond nursing, Kevin’s background as a paramedic adds a valuable layer to his patient interactions. This dual perspective allows him to provide exceptional care, showcasing his commitment to going above and beyond for his patients.

Even in the face of personal hardship, Kevin’s dedication remains unwavering. Following the recent loss of his mother, who was a patient at his facility, he demonstrated incredible strength by continuing to put his patients’ needs first, a true reflection of his selflessness.

Outside of his nursing role, Kevin enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Sam! They share a love for travel, and frequently go on travel adventures.

Kevin’s exceptional compassion, unwavering dedication, and positive spirit make him the perfect recipient for the Heart of Go Award. He truly embodies the values this award represents, and we are so proud to have him on our Go Team!”

Eryn, Recruitment Manager


Nick W.


Nick is an incredible nurse and well-deserved recipient of the Heart of Go award. In just two years as a travel nurse, Nick’s path has taken him across the map, carrying him from his roots in West Virginia to healthcare adventures in Virginia, Washington, and his current stop in Colorado.

Inspired by his father and uncle, both physicians (and twins!), Nick chose the path of nursing to forge a profound connection with patients. His choice to work in the emergency room reflects his passion for human connection and adventure, as he thrives on the fast-paced cadence of ER life.

Nick’s exceptional professionalism is evident in his record of being invited to extend his assignment in Colorado three times, a testament to his unwavering commitment to patient care. More than just a nurse, he’s a remarkable person. Nick’s calm demeanor, exceptional communication skills, and friendly personality make him the epitome of an ideal emergency room nurse. We are so lucky to have Nick on our team. Nick, thank you for all that you do. This award is a small token of our immense gratitude. Congratulations!”

Whitney, Recruitment Manager


Morgan M.


My words may not fully capture the essence of Morgan, but I’ll do my best to paint a picture of her remarkable qualities. Let’s start with her optimism and infectious joy, which radiate whenever you have a conversation with her. Whenever I speak with Morgan, I always learn something new: the new flu strain, hunting, family & friends. We never run out of things to talk about. Morgan is undoubtedly a worthy recipient of this award, as she embodies the very spirit of “Heart of Go.” Her kindness, thoughtfulness, responsiveness, intelligence, and boundless helpfulness only scratch the surface of her admirable attributes.
This marks her first assignment at a Critical Access Hospital, having predominantly specialized in ICU care. In this contract, she has fearlessly embraced the Emergency Room, or any department where her assistance is needed, showcasing her exceptional clinical skills. This is her sixth travel assignment, and her passion for exploration, combined with her dedication to aiding healthcare facilities, continues to shine brightly.
I am so blessed to have met Morgan. When I think of Go, I can only hope we have hundreds more nurses like her.

Heather, Recruitment Manager


Lisa E.


“I am thrilled to nominate Lisa for the Heart of Go Award. In her impressive 10 years as an ER nurse, Lisa has not only demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication, but she has also been an invaluable member of our Go Team since October 2022.

Lisa’s journey as a travel nurse, spanning since 2016 with over 15 travel contracts, showcases her versatility and adaptability in various healthcare settings. Lisa brings a touch of warmth and hospitality to every assignment, creating an uplifting environment for both patients and colleagues.
Beyond her professional achievements, Lisa’s personal story adds another layer of inspiration. As a mother of three, happily married for 19 years, Lisa’s roots in the small town of Marion, Alabama, have shaped her compassionate approach to nursing.

Her childhood dream of becoming a nurse, which started through playtime with her mom and grandma, has blossomed into a remarkable career. Lisa’s commitment to her faith and community is evident in her spare time activities, where she loves shopping and reading her Bible.

Lisa’s impact as a nurse and as a person is immeasurable. Her nomination for the Heart of Go Award is not just about her skills in the ER but also a celebration of her amazing personality and care for those around her. We are lucky to have Lisa on the Go Team!

Dana, Recruitment Manager


Ryan T.


Ryan is rock solid. He has worked with us exclusively since he started traveling. He has completed 8 plus contracts with us and never had a complaint

Ryan is a testament to what a great travel nurse should be. He is flexible, dependable, and just a joy to work with. A true example of someone doing a great job is if a facility extends an employee. In Ryan’s case he has extended within the same system at 2 different sites multiple times.

I am thankful for the opportunity to work for him and thankful for the work he does!”

Craig, VP of Recruitment



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