The Heart of GO Program

We are pleased to announce our Heart of Go Travel Nurse Recognition Program, which gives us another opportunity to recognize and thank our travel nurses. Heart of Go is our way of showing everyone how our nurses are truly the heart of the company. They are the reason we are well respected and remain a top travel nurse staffing partner for our clients and hospitals. As we launch this new initiative, we are excited to highlight and show the “love” to our most valued and appreciated travel nurses. 

The Heart of Go program will receive nominations from our current roster of travel nurses. Each nomination will give our team a closer look at how the nominee makes an extraordinary impact throughout their travel assignment. The Heart of Go recipient will then receive the “Heart of Go” a custom designed lapel pin to commemorate their recognition as well as a surprise gift box sent at their travel assignment location. Travel nurses working with Go Healthcare Staffing are the pulse of our organization. We look forward to giving our Recruitment Managers, hospitals clients and patients the chance to nominate one of our nurses for making a difference.

Heart of GO Recipients

Jessica M.

Pediatric ER, RN (November 2022)

“Jessica is the embodiment of what this award entails. Her love for what she does shines through to every patient. I am so thrilled that she has chosen to work with GO and thankful for her hard work, dedication and amazing personality. She makes what we do fun!”

Eryn, Recruitment Manager



Chanda D.

Stepdown, RN (November 2022)

“Chanda, has been a dedicated nurse for 12 years. She has consistently worked with me since March of 2021. She stayed the course with me when the rates really hit bottom. Chanda is a floor preceptor for all new travel nurses and hires. They trust her skill and knowledge base.

She is a great nurse and represents Go Healthcare well!”

Dana, Recruitment Manager



Danette H.

ICU/Stepdown, RN (November 2022)

“Danette was the 2nd nurse I signed when joining the Go Team. During our journey, she has exemplified nothing but excellence. Danette has received recognition for her attendance, dedication, hard work, flexibility, teamwork with staff, and the quality patient care she provides. Danette is a true Gem and I thank you Danette for all that you do!”

Lanette, Recruitment Manager



Julie G.

ICU, RN (November 2022)

“Julie embodies the Heart of Nursing. Her 13 years of experience are in ER, ICU and Flight Nursing. With that, her passion lies in ICU. She is a critical thinker and, in this role, her knowledge and experience allows her to execute, monitor and direct life saving measures.”

Tara, Recruitment Manager



Duane & Jamie E.

Med/Tele, RNs (December 2022)

“Jamie & Duane are a dream to work with. They have been a true embodiment of what this award was designed to reflect. When I think of the heart of our company, Duane and Jamie are the first that come to mind. They have both received such positive feedback from their assignments. They truly are the Heart of Go.”

Eryn, Recruitment Manager



Jennifer J.

ICU, RN (January 2023)

“Jennifer is an excellent nurse. She is dedicated, kind, committed and has a heart for helping people. She is the epitome of word Nurse – a person who cares for the sick or affirmed in both body and mind. Jennifer has been a nurse for 16 years. She says, “I decided to become a nurse when my only daughter became ill at the age of 7 and died at the age of 18. I saw how sensitive and compassionate they were. Even though they were busy and stressed out, they always made time for my baby, myself, and my family. They made me feel so much better and taught us all how to cope. Words cannot describe how much that touched my soul. I decided and knew that I needed and could make a difference in people lives.” Jennifer has been a pleasure to work with on her travel nurse journey.”

Tara, Recruitment Manager


Rachel C.

ICU, RN (January 2023)

“Rachel is a great nurse! This is her first assignment with Go and we are already talking about her next assignment with us. She is a charge nurse every time she is scheduled. We have had no complaints from the facility. She is an amazing communicator every week and is always super nice!”

Heather, Recruitment Manager




Nominate a Go Healthcare Traveler with a Heart of GO