Must Reads for Travel Nurses

The Go Team has put together a selection of must-reads for your summer reading list. Take a look at our top 10 picks!

Even if you are a veteran traveler, with many miles under your stethoscope, you will still enjoy some valuable nuggets from these selections. These books are a great source of inspiration, motivation and knowledge to help you further your travel career. There’s something new at every turn of your nursing journey, exploring these resources is a great way to stay on a successful path.

“The Guide to Travel Nursing: How to Survive and Thrive”

By Brenda H. Pate RN BSN MBA and Michele L. Turner RN BSN MS—This guide provides readers with real experiences and examples on how to navigate the world of travel nursing. If you are considering becoming a travel nurse, this book is for you. It will help you transition from a traditional staff nurse path to a more exciting way of life as a travel nurse. You will learn how to select the best agencies, read contracts, and balance work with your personal lifestyles.

“Travel Nurse’s Bible: A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing”

By David Morrison, Brian Morrison, et al. – Arguably one of the most read books for new or aspiring travelers. While this book may be a bit dated (readers should be sure to seek the most current regulations), the foundation of this information transcends time. A wonderful resource for any healthcare worker who wants to travel.

“The Secret Language of the Nursing Interview: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Get the Job”

By Maureen Dempsey RN—Excerpt from Chapter 1 “I’m a Nurse, Not a Human Resources Specialist. You have your eye on a new job or your twenty-first. But something about this job is different. This is the job you really want…The purpose of this book is to give you the tools to succeed in your next interview.”

“Fast Facts for the Travel Nurse: Travel Nursing in a Nutshell”

By CCRN Landrum, Michele Angell, RN—This book provides a broad base of information intended to guide professional nurses in pursuing a travel nursing career. Written by a seasoned practitioner, the book includes tips on how to enter the field of travel nursing, negotiate assignment contracts, increase pay, improve benefits and enhance travel assignments. It is designed to provide quick access to needed information, and shows nurses how to acquire representation from a staffing company, how to arrive well-prepared at an assignment location, and how to interview with prospective facilities.

“The Shift: One Nurse, Twelve Hours, Four Patients’ Lives”

By Theresa Brown, RN—You’ll know you are not alone when you read this page turner. Sometimes it’s very motivating to empathize with another nurse in tough situations. “What makes Brown’s story shine are the touching and sometimes bizarre moments that make real life in a hospital stranger than fiction . . . Brown is able to make her case from the strongest possible vantage point: inside the hospital, where she is doing the work so few of us have the guts to do.” –The Boston Globe

“Travel Nurse Now!: How to Become a Travel Nurse”

By JW—Introduction “You hop from city to city across the country, offering the best care in the best hospitals, meeting new people, and trying new things. You’re in charge of your career and in demand, confident in your skills, and paid what you deserve. Imagine your life as one long, well-paid, challenging road trip–This is the life of a travel nurse, and with this book as your guide, it is within reach.”

“The Male Nurse Survival Guide”

By Chris Lengle—The back cover: The Male Nurse Survival Guide is your entertaining, informative guide to surviving the wild and dangerous profession of nursing. Written by Chris Lengle, a male nurse with over 15 years of experience in multiple specialties around the country. The Male Nurse Survival Guide is full of wisdom, insight and lessons learned through hands-on, practical experience. This is the first book to show the raw, unfiltered, no fluff reality of nursing. Whether you are thinking of becoming a nurse, are just starting your career, or a seasoned pro, this book will give you the tools to not only survive, but thrive as a “murse”.

“Night Shift Nursing: Savvy Solutions for a Healthy Lifestyle”

By Katherine Pakieser-Reed, PhD, RN. Review: This book contains everything that nurses need to know in order to achieve and maintain good health on the night shift. This helpful information is soundly based in science yet accessible to all readers. As a shift-work researcher and a former night nurse, I believe that all night nurses will benefit from reading this book. –Jeanne Ruggiero, PhD, RN Sleep and Shift Work Researcher Assistant Professor College of Nursing Rutgers.

“Midnight Meditations for Nurses: A Nurse’s Soul Revealed”

By Diane Bouffard, RN—The author takes you on a meditative review of experiences and memories she will never forget. Each meditation is a reflection of emotional ups and downs, realizations of what we can control as nurses and what we leave in the Lord’s hands. One meditation at a time, Bouffard reveals her feelings, thoughts, and prayers at individual moments in a nursing world filled with challenges, fears, frustrations, unexpected joy, and unrelenting sadness. These are night shift experiences many nurses have lived, loved, and shared with peers across the world.

“Spotting Danger for Travelers: Build situational awareness to keep safe while traveling”

By Gary Dean Quesenberry, Air Marshal, Ret. (Author), Tony Blauer (Foreword)—From the author: “Today more than ever, it is imperative that we pay close attention to our surroundings and learn how to interpret what’s happening around us. Tragic events can often be both predictable and preventable.” Learn how to develop a solid foundation of situational awareness, preemptively spot danger, quickly implement escape plans, and take control of your own safety while traveling.

As you embark on your journey as a travel nurse, remember that knowledge is your compass.

These Top 10 Must Reads for Travel Nurses offer valuable insights, tips, and inspiration to guide you through the challenges and triumphs of your unique career path. From mastering new skills to finding balance on the road, these books are your companions to success. Don’t forget to explore our website for exciting travel nursing opportunities on our Job Board, and if you’re seeking more informative reads, visit our Travel Blog for a treasure trove of articles designed to support your growth and well-being. Here’s to your enriching journey as a travel nurse and to the limitless possibilities that lie ahead!