Start Your 2023 Travel Nurse Career

If your new year resolutions include: “a new change”, “a different job” and “travel more”, it’s time to look at travel nursing as your next step.

Travel nurses are in high demand with competitive pay and the best part, you choose where you want to work. Now is a great time to start traveling.

Many nurses choose a travel path to avoid “hospital politics” at a current job. Others want to see the country or relocate or even spend time with friends and family who reside in another state. Sometimes travel assignments are a great way to test drive a new city before a permanent move. And, every traveler gets to meet new people and make lasting connections across the country. All travelers build up their resume through assignments that offer new and varied experiences with increased income opportunities.

How to Start Travel Nursing in 2023.

What does it take to be a travel nurse? Don’t let the eligibility requirements overwhelm you, there are some very simple steps to consider when starting out on a travel career. These criteria are not only based on Joint Commission requirements, but also on what most hospital clients look for in an RN Travel candidate.

1.  Is your nursing license active and in good standing?

Your nursing license must be active in the state that you are currently working in. An online verification process will a part of your application. Any type of “hit” on your nursing license must be disclosed upfront and may hinder your eligibility to travel.

2. Do you have at least two years of experience as a Registered Nurse?  

To be a successful, we advise any nurse interested to at least have 2 years of nursing experience before venturing out into travel nursing.

3.  Do you have at least one year current or recent experience in the specialty area you want to apply for?

Nurses are expected to “hit the ground running” almost immediately when on a travel assignment. Strong clinical specialty is a “must” to be a successful nurse traveler.

4.  Is your BLS card active and issued from the American Heart Association?

Only AHA issued BCLS cards are accepted as part of our Joint Commission requirements. To find a Training Center or to renew your AHA BLS card, check out the American Heart Association CPR site

5.  Have you maintained (currently active) your ACLS, PALS and TNCC certifications?

Along with an active BLS card, you will also be asked to submit additional certifications specific to your specialty (if applicable) such as ACLS or PALS, NIHSS, TNCC among others. It is best to renew any certifications before you start your travel nursing process.

6.  Are you able to provide two professional references within the past two years from a nursing supervisor?

As part of our screening, we will need to contact 2 professional references from current and previous employer(s) within the last two years.

 7. Is your resume up-to-date or do you have your work experience readily organized to complete an online application?

A solid clinical work history up to 7 years will be required and it may include your educational background.

8. Are your health/medical records up-to-date?

Your vaccination records including varicella, MMR and COVID will be required.

9. Are you ok with health and background screening?

Before you start any travel contract, expect that a physical, a drug screen and a comprehensive background check will need to be completed.

10. Do you have reliable transportation?

A travel nurse assignment or contract by definition must be at least 50 miles from your permanent residence. You will need a mode of transportation that can take you from one travel contract to the next.

If you answered “Yes” to questions above, you are ready-to-GO as a travel nurse

At Go Healthcare Staffing, I am part of team of healthcare travel professionals committed to our travel nurses. We are all dedicated not only to helping our nurses find the perfect travel contract, but making sure they are supported and appreciated throughout their assignment. We know that our nurses are the heart of our company.

Next Steps?

Learn more about what we offer or just connect by completing our “Quick Apply” form. I also invite you to check out our job board to find inspiration for your first travel contract with us. And check out what our current travelers are saying on our Reviews page.