Increased Referral Pay for Procedural Specialties

Go Healthcare’s “It Takes One to Know One” Referral Program has been elevated to pay up to $1,500 in referral pay for Nurses and Surgical Techs

In response to our hospital clients’ urgent needs for Registered Nurses and Surgical Techs throughout the country, we have increased our $500 referral payout to $1,500 for a limited time!  

We are asking all our current and previous travelers (nurses and surgical techs) to help us find great nurses and surgical techs.     

  • Refer a Procedural Specialty RN in any of the following specialties:  OR, CVOR, L&D, Cath Lab, Pediatric OR, Interventional Radiology, Peds-OR and get a $1,500 referral fee. 
  • Refer a great Surgical Tech or CVOR Tech and receive a $750.00 referral fee. 
  • Our Procedural Specialty Referral Program is active only until June 30, 2022  

Here are the details of the Referral Program 

  1. Referrals must be licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Surgical Tech with current experience and/or Certified in the United States. 
  2. The Go Referral Form must be completed and received before the start of your Referral’s travel contract with us.  (Verbal, email or referrals via social media posts or mentions are not valid.)
  3. Go Healthcare will contact your referral regarding all open travel positions. 
  4. If referred RN or Surg Tech accepts a travel contract by June 30, 2022, you will receive notification of your referral activation via call or email. 
  5. A Referral Agreement will be emailed to you to confirm details, scheduled payment and a mailing address for your referral pay.    
  6. Receive 50% of Referral Fee once your Referred RN or Surg Tech completes two weeks (or equal to 80 worked hours.  (Orientation week does not count toward hours worked) 
  7. Receive another 50% of Referral Fee at the Assignment.  Referred RN or Surg Tech must complete at least 10 weeks or cumulatively 400 hours on contract for second referral payment.         
  8. All current and previous Travelers in good standing are eligible to take part in Go Healthcare Referral Program.  
  9. No cap on referral payouts!  Refer as many great nurses and surgical techs!  Also take advantage of our $500 referral pay for all other specialties.      
  10. Program is only valid for Nurses and Surgical Techs residing in the United States. 
  11. This Summer Referral Program is valid between May 2, until June 30, 2022.  

We know it takes ONE to know another GOOD one.