Travel Nursing Assignment: 13 Weeks in Boston, Massachusetts

You cannot be in Boston on a travel nursing contract without immersing yourself in all that Boston has to offer. “Beantown is so walkable and there is no shortage of things to see and do on your days off. 

Take advantage of this “must go do/see list” that we have put together.

1. Catch a ball game at Fenway Park

Whether you are a baseball fan or not, there is something to be revered about catching a Boston Red Sox game in Fenway.  The baseball stadium, like Boston itself is rich with history.  Unlike the new mega sports stadiums around the country, Fenway is as “vintage” as they come.  It is a must do, but do check out when the Sox are in town here

2. Walk the Freedom Trail

Interested in learning more about how America came to be? The Freedom Trail helps tell the story of the American revolution by taking you past 16 significant history markers such as museums, churches, meeting houses and burying grounds. It’s typical to start your route at Boston Common but wherever you see the brick path throughout the city, follow along to expand your history knowledge and see unique sites!  


3. Spend a day at the Museum of Fine Arts

If you’re in the mood to walk around the 14th largest art museum in the world then the MFA is perfect for you. With a growing collection of nearly 500,000 works of art and everchanging exhibits, the Museum of Fine Arts has something for everyone. There are European paintings, mummies, a Chinese Dynasty gallery, Japanese gardens, and so much more. 

4. Appreciate our history, check out the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Everyone knows about the Boston Tea Party but not many people can say they saw it re-enacted on a full-scale replica of the 18th century ships! At the Boston Tea Party Museum there are interactive exhibits, live actor shows, 3D movies, and more. You can even throw tea into the same body of water where the Boston Tea Party took place (and then go sample some actual tea and scones at the café). This museum was voted #1 ‘Best Patriotic Attraction’ 

5. Stop and smell the flowers at Boston Public Garden

The Public Garden is a park located in the heart of Boston. It was actually the first public botanical garden in America. There is a large pond and during the warmer months, guests can ride the Swan boats which are pedaled around by a tour guide. If you find yourself at the Public Garden during the winter, then you can ice skate on the pond instead. There are also plenty of flowers, trees, and statues to see as you walk around. 

6. Spend the afternoon at North End, Boston’s “Little Italy”

The North End is one of the most visited neighborhoods in the City of Boston. It’s known for its wonderful restaurants and historic sights. If you’re looking for the best Italian food in Boston then this is it. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, food markets, bakeries, and bars to go around. In certain months you will find that there are a lot of feasts (festivals) in the streets of the North End with costumes, music, floats, and even more food. 

7. Find out more about the life of JFK at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library

John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States and this Museum is a tribute to him. If you’re looking to learn more about JFK’s presidency then this is the place to do so. At this beautiful museum overlooking the water, you can watch short films, read speeches, and admire artifacts and photographs that all tell the story of John F. Kennedy. 

8. Taste the local lager at Samuel Adams Brewery

The Samuel Adams Brewery is perfect for beer lovers. It offers unique tours where visitors can learn and observe the brewing and fermentation process of beer. After seeing all the machinery and experts work their magic you get to try samples of the product. There is also a taproom and beer garden with an everchanging long list of what’s on tap. 

9. Check out the Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library was the first free municipal library in the nation. It is a beautiful building with bronze doors and marble staircases. You can take a tour of the building to learn more about its history and see all of the works that are stored within, or check out the event calendar if you’re interested in workshops or live readings. 

10. Enjoy all the food New England is known for at Faneuil Hall

There are now more than 100 places to eat, drink, and shop in Faneuil Hall. This hall is also known as Quincy Market and it is definitely a center for tourists. It’s the largest food hall in New England with a large variety of options. After you grab something to eat be sure to walk around the area and watch the many street performers and musicians. 

*Bonus: Duck Boats

Duck Boats are also a Boston classic. It’s an easy way to see many attractions and learn information from an expert. You get to experience beautiful Boston sights from both land and sea.