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12 Key Things to Bring Along on Your Travel Nursing Assignment


Our veteran nurse recruiters at Go Healthcare Staffing have many years of combined experience working with travel RNs from all over the country helping them to get ready for travel nurse assignments.  With all this combined knowledge and information, our team recently sat down and compiled a list of 12 key things to bring along on your travel nursing assignment to help remind travel RNs of what they should bring with them when they head out on the road:

  1. Laptop or tablet: For communicating with family and friends, and for online paperwork.
  2. AAA Roadside Service: Or some type of roadside assistance for safe travels.
  3. Pet supplies: Leashes, food, medication, grooming supplies for Fido!
  4. Car charger: For your cell phone. Also – make sure you have important family, bills, and travel company phone numbers programmed into your phone.
  5. Cash/gift cards and emergency credit cards: Have cash on hand for groceries, paper goods and other necessities to get you through until you receive your first paycheck.
  6. Medications or prescriptions: Remember to go to your primary care physician before you leave and make sure they have a prescription to cover you for the length of your assignment.
  7. Athletic wear: Don’t forget to continue your work-outs while on assignment! You will need clothing for working out, if it’s going to the gym, walking, or whatever exercise you prefer, you will need the right clothing and shoes for it.
  8. Bring a copy of your travel contract with you: Just in case you have questions about your assignment. It also should include important contact phone numbers.
  9. Kitchenware/housewares: Take a pot, pan, plate, glass, and silverware (or buy plastic when you arrive).  Don’t forget bath and bed linens!
  10. Professional credentials: Hospitals will want to see hard copies.
  11. An old-fashioned alarm clock: It won’t fail you if there are any power outages!
  12. A positive and explorative attitude: Be open minded for all the new possibilities that await you!

We hope this list of 12 key things to bring along on your travel nursing assignment helps you prepare for your next assignment.  If you find this helpful, please share this with friends and colleagues so they won’t forget anything!

Want to add anything to the list?  Please contact us at steve@gohealthcarestaffing.com

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