Midwest Travel Contracts for Something Unique

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to try a travel assignment that’s “off the beaten path.” 

When we ask nurses about where they want to go for a travel nursing assignments, many will say:  California, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado and other more popular destinations. 

These areas are all great places to experience a travel nursing assignment and offer travel nurses wonderful things to do and see during their time off.  However, sometimes it’s nice to try something “different” in life; try that exotic restaurant, see that offbeat movie or taste that crazy looking cocktail with the umbrella in it!  Well, the same can be said for travel nursing. 

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to try a city or town that’s off the beaten path, or a state that you wouldn’t immediately thing of as a “go-to” assignment. Oftentimes, just like going to that little “hole in the wall” restaurant, you can be surprised beyond your wildest dreams as to the quality of the experience and how much enjoyment you can receive from doing the unexpected.

 In this spirit, the team at Go Healthcare Staffing has put together the following: 3 states you should consider for a travel nursing assignment.  Each one has its own special charm and quality to offer, with sights and experiences you may never forget.  


Located in the North-Central US, Wisconsin is the 23rd largest state and the 20th most populous, so lots to see and do!  Bordered by two of the Great Lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Superior), Wisconsin has a very diverse geography that makes it a wonderful destination for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, sailing and water sports. 

More of a city person?   Wilwaukee is a great destination.  Known for its historic beer brewing history, Milwaukee is known as the “Beer Capital of the World.”  If you enjoy imbibing on traditional “American” beers (Miller, Pabst) or like to experiment with craft beers, Milwaukee is the place to be.  And if you’ve worked up an appetite after you’ve quenched your thirst, Milwaukee offers a wonderful selection of restaurants across the city to suit almost every palette. 

Don’t forget to try the wide variety of Wisconsin’s cheeses while you’re there – Wisconsin is also known as the Cheese Capital of the USA and for good reason.  With the advantage of huge dairy lands, Wisconsin uses all that “Cow Power” to produce dozens of different types of cheeses for cheese lovers across the country. 

So, consider Wisconsin for your next travel nursing assignment – click here for a listing of our current Wisconsin travel nurse assignments.


Not too far south of Wisconsin is the “Hoosier State” – Indiana.  Are they crazy about basketball here?  Yes, but that’s far from the only thing this great state has to offer visitors

Indiana is an amazing dichotomy of small towns, rural areas and cosmopolitan cities.  For those that enjoy spending time in nature, Indiana has a tremendous amount of state parks, trails, lakes and historic sites to enjoy the scenery and unsung beauty of the state.  In particular, adventurous folks might enjoy the Indiana Cavern’s – Indiana’s longest cave and its newest “Showcave” where visitors can view spectacular sites including ice-age bones, underground rivers and incredible rock formations.  For above-ground fun, Indiana has a surprising number of wineries and local vineyards, along with top-notch golf courses, theatres and gambling casinos.

For city fun, Indianapolis is Indiana’s largest city and offers everything the urbanite would enjoy – fun nightlife, excellent restaurants, great shopping and a thriving arts scene.  For a listing of our current travel nursing assignments in Indiana, visit here.


Nicknamed the “Show Me State”, Missouri is in the “heartland” of the country.  Now, when many people think of Missouri they automatically think of rolling plains, wheat and cornfields.  While that is certainly a part of the story of Missouri, that is not the whole story…far from it. 

Believe it or not, Missouri is actually the 18th most populous state in the Union and contains two major urban centers – St. Louis and Kansas City (yes, Kansas City is in MO not KS).  Missouri has a tremendous cultural heritage for visitors to enjoy including the musical styles of ragtime, Kansas City jazz, and St. Louis Blues, two different types of barbecue (St. Louis-style and Kansas City-style), beer brewing (Anheuser-Busch), and sports teams (professional and college). 

For the history buffs and sightseers, Missouri is known as “the Gateway to the West” and played a critical role in the expansion of the USA westward during the 1800s as symbolized by St. Louis’s Gateway Arch landmark and many other historic sites across the state. 

Overlooked by many, Missouri actually has a very diverse natural landscape.  With the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers running through it, the state has fertile farmlands, wide plans, expansive forests, rolling hills and the Ozark Mountains in the south – more than enough to keep the outdoorsy types happy

For a list of travel RN assignments with Go Healthcare Staffing in Missouri, visit our job board here.

We hope this overview of Wisconsin, Missouri and Indiana have piqued your interest in trying some “non-traditional” states for travel nursing.  These are just a few of the travel nurse assignments that we have to offer. 

If you’re interested in finding the perfect fit for your next travel nursing assignment, please call us at 844.966.8773 or visit our job board here where we have hundreds of great jobs across the country just waiting for you – experience travel nursing with Go Healthcare Staffing.

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