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Hey Travel Nurses, still looking for that summer assignment? If you’re looking for that next great contract, think about some great travel nursing jobs in New England this summer!  There’s no better area of the country to spend your next 13 weeks (or more!) than the six-state area that makes up one of the most unique and rewarding areas of the country.

From rugged coastlines in Maine to the stunning Green Mountains of Vermont, down to the fun, quirky state of Rhode Island, New England has much to offer any travel nurse looking to try something different.  If you’re interested in an assignment in New England this summer, GO can get you there!  Simply give us a call at 844-966-8773 to discuss your needs with one of our experienced recruiters or visit our easy-to-use job board here for a listing of all our New England jobs – and let us know how we can help.  In the meantime we’ve compiled this state-by-state highlight of New England to get the travel nursing ideas flowing for you. Check out these great travel nursing summer jobs – New England!

Connecticut: Often one of the most overlooked of the New England states, Connecticut has a lot to offer and is full of surprises for first time visitors.  Connecticut offers a diverse array of geography including deep forests in the western part of the state that are excellent for hiking, to a surprisingly expansive seacoast.  In addition, for those that enjoy a bit of nightlife, Connecticut is also home to two gambling casinos as well as a number of wineries and vineyards for the adventurous.  Visit our Connecticut Travel Nursing Jobs listed here.

Maine: Also known by the moniker of “Vacationland”, Maine is a fabulous place to spend the summer.  Its romantic, rugged coastline has been the subject of stories, movies, paintings and folklore for hundreds of years.  Maine has millions of acres of forestland that are great for hiking, camping and biking.  Hungry?  For seafood, you can’t beat the famous Maine lobster, clams and other delicious seafood, particularly “in the rough” (i.e. New England-speak for restaurants that are not fancy!).  Visit our Maine Travel Nursing Jobs listed here.

Massachusetts: From Boston – the “Hub of the Universe” – one of America’s premier cities, to the bucolic Berkshire Mountains in the western part of the state – to iconic Cape Cod seashores, Massachusetts is a classic destination that’s great any time of year but summer is particularly fun!  Like sports? Take in a Red Sox ballgame at America’s baseball park – historic Fenway and have a hot dog and cold beer to wash it down.   Visit our Massachusetts Travel Nursing Jobs here.

New Hampshire: Mountains, lakes, quintessential small towns, and even a (very small) coastline, New Hampshire has tons to offer just about everyone.  While many think of New Hampshire for winter fun, summer is a very busy and active time that’s particularly fun for the outdoor enthusiast.  New Hampshire is home to an incredible array of wildlife that make for wonderful photo opportunities during your explorations – bald eagles, black bears (watch it!), bobcats and even the elusive moose make their home in New Hampshire.

Rhode Island: for the nation’s smallest state, Rhode Island packs a lot of fun into summer! Visit historic Newport, summer home of the titans of industry during the Gilded Age – the mansions are a must see! From there you can visit the wonderful coastline – there’s a reason they call it “The Ocean State” with more beaches and beautiful little coves than you can ever imagine.  Food? Rhode Island has some quirky summer delights like Del’s Frozen Lemonade® (it’s not Italian ice and it’s not lemonade…but it is delicious!) and Coffee milk.  Visit our Rhode Island Travel Nursing Jobs here.

Vermont: The “Green Mountain State” is particularly fun to visit in the summertime!  The hiking and sightseeing in these majestic mountains are breathtaking.  As part of the Appalachian Trial, they are actually very accessible and hiking friendly in many areas even for novice hikers.  Vermont has great fishing and camping areas that allow you to take in the beauty of the state without breaking the bank.  While there is no coastline, the crystal clear lakes and rivers can provide a cool dip during the warm summer months.  The most famous lake of all is the huge Lake Champlain, a breathtaking body of water bordering Canada that is a region unto itself.  Take a boat cruise, eat at one of the many fine restaurants on its shoreline, or hunt for the elusive “Champ” – Lake Champlain’s version of the Loch Ness Monster.  Whatever your interests are for outdoor fun, Vermont is sure to satisfy.

If this overview of New England Summer Hot Spots gets your travel nurse muse going, then contact us today and we’ll find just the right assignment for you.  Don’t wait as many of these travel nurse jobs are getting filled fast.  Let’s GO to New England this summer!

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