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Last Minute Reminders Before You Start Your New Travel Assignment

No matter how prepared you are, it’s good to have someone walk you through some last minute reminders.

Getting ready to start a new travel assignment takes a lot of proper planning.

No matter how prepared you are, it’s good to have someone walk you through some last minute reminders.  At Go Healthcare, we make a point to touch base with our travelers on the Friday before the start of a new travel contract to remind you of the following:

#1:  Did you get your car checked and inspected?

As recruiters, we have  heard the panic on the other side of the phone, “my car is broken!”   Unfortunately, more often than not, it’s always on the day when you are supposed to be on the road.  We have learned to give this recommendation:  get your car checked in advance. 

  • Do plan on getting your car inspected a few days or even a week prior to your actual road trip.
  • Do anticipate that any service work will take a day or a few days which may cause a delay if you wait until the last minute.
  • Invest in a AAA Membership (or something similar) for roadside assistance.  It’s buying peace of mind while you are on the road.

#2:   Did you confirm your housing or hotel  arrangement?

It’s good practice to call and confirm your housing arrangement as part of your last minute check.

  • Staying at an AirB&B? Double-check that you have details and instructions on how to check-in such as gate access code or the keyless entry code.  Make a point of printing out the information or having the information handy on your phone.   Be aware of the specific check-in time and plan accordingly.
  • Staying at an extended stay property?  Understanding the property’s specific check-in time as part of your travel planning as well:   If you are arriving early (before the check-in time) or late (after 10PM), let them know.  Informing the hotel/motel directly can be helpful.  They may  accommodate your request to check in early.  If you are arriving late, you can relax knowing that your room will be available and you are not considered a “no show” or a cancellation.

#3: Did you receive and read the “First Day Instructions” we sent via email?

We only obtain the “First Day Instructions” for you after the hospital has reviewed and cleared your compliance checklist.  Once we get a copy of the First Day Instructions, we send directly to you via email no later than Friday before you first day.  It is important to read and review the information with your recruiter.

  • The information will tell you where you are to report for your first day, what time, what to bring, and what to wear.
  • It may also inform you on the timekeeping process at your new hospital.
  •  Please make sure you have this readily available on your phone or printed out before you go.

#4.  Are you doing a walk-through?

If it is possible, we advise RN Travelers to arrive a day or two before your first day of orientation.

  • Take the time to drive the route you will take to/from your new travel assignment.
  • Note where you are supposed to park.
  • Find where you are supposed to report – HR or the actual Unit?
  • Introduce yourself to the Charge Nurse or your new unit.

By doing a “walk-through”, you can be more relaxed for your first day and maybe have time to grab a cup of coffee at nearest coffee shop instead of scrambling with traffic, directions and all the other things that can happen.

#5.  Did you bring your phone charger?

Perhaps not as important as the other reminders, but forgetting an essential item as you head out the door can add to the already nervousness of starting a new job.  We added this reminder to point out that it’s ok- everything will be alright.  It is easy enough to purchase a replacement.  There is always a solution to any problem.

As a Travel RN, being a good planner is a great skill to have; (control what you can) however, as important is the ability to sometimes have to go with the flow (accept what you cannot).

We hope you find these last minute reminders helpful no matter where you are in your nurse traveling journey.

Let’s GO somewhere!

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