Oh the Places You’ll Go in 2023!

Where do you want to go?

Few career paths offer the flexibility and versatility as travel nursing. Which means that travelers can pick where and when they want to work. Maybe you love being near the beach, or skiing the slopes, or even boating on a crystal clear lake—wherever you want to be, there are a few things you should consider.

Before your next contract, here are 10 factors to think about:

1.Climate– what type of weather is typical for the time you intend to be in the location? This is especially true for cold areas with ice and snow, will your vehicle be appropriate?

2. Proximity– how close is the location to your family, friends, loved ones? Don’t just think in terms of miles, think about ease of travel (airports, train stations) and costs to travel if you want to visit.

3. Demographics– what is the median age? What percentage of the residents are single? Married? Would it be helpful to know a second language?

4. Lifestyle– what leisure activities are available near your hospital? How about restaurants, night life, shopping?

5. Housing– what type of available housing is most popular? Will you rent a room in a house, a full apartment, or perhaps a RV park? Even more importantly, what are the housing costs and how does that match up with your stipend? Will you need a roommate? Check out: Travel Nursing Housing Options

6. Pet environment– if you are traveling with a cat or dog, you’ll need to make sure the area or your housing is pet friendly. And, particularly for dogs, you may want to scout out dog parks, doggy sitters and if the area is accommodating.

7. Public transportation– many times it is unrealistic and expensive to commute with your own vehicle. Will you need public transportation? What is the reputation of the public transit system and what are the fees?

8. Crime rates– sadly this is a reality in any location. Be sure you investigate and select an area that meets your comfort level.

9. Overall cost of living– you will quickly find that gas prices, groceries, utilities, and numerous items beyond rent will vary significantly by location. Be sure to research these costs and ensure your salary (and savings if you choose to use) will meet your standard of living goals.

10. Personal ambitions– use this an opportunity to check a few things off your bucket list. Maybe you have wanted to see the Grand Canyon, climb a particular mountain, or surf at an exceptional beach. Maybe you have always been drawn to a particular area because of the architecture or history. Take time to research your special places and evaluate if there is a practical choice for your next assignment. Check out: List of Travel Jobs.

We encourage travelers to make an ambitious start to 2023. Take advantage of your unique career and choose a great location for your next assignment. Use the list above as a guide, and understand that some items will be more important to you than others. Then, call on the dedicated team at Go Healthcare to match you with the perfect assignment.