Why Denver Is the Hot New Job Destination for Travel Nurses

co-img01Take it from travel nurses who’ve worked there: Denver is the place to be.  This gorgeous Colorado city has recently become a major hot spot, called by The Wall Street Journal one of the most “livable” places in America. Travel nurses have long sought travel nursing jobs in the “Mile High” and it’s no wonder why.  Travel nurses will find exciting, big-city vibes downtown, and the beautiful surrounding area is a source of refreshing rejuvenation.  For the active travel nurse that’s seeking excitement in the Denver area, here’s a short list of what’s available to you on any given day!

Get Active

Travel nurses, grab your hiking boots for the trails and plenty of water for the altitude.  At exactly one mile (5,280 feet) above sea level, Denver is one of the highest leading cities in the US, and its scenic mountains take you even higher.

The perk of living in this area is that you can fully enjoy it in all seasons.  In the winter, locals – young and old alike – load up their cars and drive an easy 40 minutes to the magnificent mountains, ready to hit the slopes and relish the white wonderland. In the warmer months, people take to the peaks for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and anything else you can name!

You don’t have to escape the city limits in order to appreciate outdoor Denver, though. For instance, the breathtaking Denver Botanical Gardens are a prime place to savor the fresh air. There are also parks everywhere encouraging you to get outside. Not that Denver inhabitants need any such encouragement – everywhere you look, people are riding their bikes, walking their dogs, and doing whatever they can to take advantage of the wonderful temperate climate that this city has.  The perfect destination for the travel RN who likes to be active in the great outdoors.

Go Out

“Outdoorsy” in the get-sweaty sense isn’t the only thing that Denver is. There are countless readily-available activities and attractions in this city that appeal to almost all travel nurses with a sense of adventure!

If you love sports, go catch a baseball game at Coors Field. If you’re in an educational mood, visit various intriguing museums or the zoo. Another celebrated favorite is Red Rocks Amphitheater, the awe-inspiring platform for talent that brings Denver’s music culture to life.

For travel nurses that like to shop, there’s 16th Street Mall and Larimer Square, where you can find the area’s best shopping, restaurants, and bars amid incomparable atmospheres.  Avanti Food and Beverage is another perfect spot for a night out, bringing you a unique set of tasty dishes and fancy cocktails along with a classic Denver feel.  The food truck scene is huge here, too, and one that no one wants to miss.

On Saturdays, locals flock to the most impressive open air market around: The Big Wonderful. Offering much more than just produce and merchandise, it is essentially one tremendous party celebrating the area’s love for good food, good health, and great fun!

Get To Know Denver

Those who live here year-round especially rave about this characteristic of Denver: its approachability.  And its up-and-coming status is largely to thank for it.

Because it is such a hot spot now, Denver attracts and embraces incomers from all over, and consequently the community is extremely open and friendly which is perfect for travel nurses starting their new job.  Among this diverse crowd, you will find that the people are at least a little adventurous, generally laid-back, and very genuine. You can easily strike up a conversation to get to know someone, and you definitely won’t feel out of place being new.

That’s why Denver is the perfect travel nursing destination.  Because you want to get to know Denver, and Denver wants to get to know you.

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