Wisconsin Sledding

5 Reasons Why Travel Nurses Love Jobs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin SleddingHere’s a Go Travel Insider Tip from Go Healthcare Staffing; Wisconsin is HOT right now for travel nursing jobs!  Why is the Forward State (that’s the Wisconsin state motto) so attractive for a travel assignment even as the weather turns cooler?

Well, aside from the friendly Midwest vibe, the unpretentiousness, the allure of winter outdoor adventure, and the overall cheesy goodness the state is famous for, Wisconsin travel nursing assignments have a number of other benefits to offer travel nurses.  Our team recently asked current Go Healthcare Staffing travel nurses to share reasons why it’s hot to travel to Wisconsin for winter 2015.  Here’s what we found out…travel nurses love jobs in Wisconsin and here’s why:

  1. It’s easy to get to and from”: For many travelers with a home based in the Midwest, a travel assignment in centrally-located Wisconsin allows them the flexibility to easily get back home for the holidays via a quick flight or workable car ride. Go Healthcare currently has more than 100 travel nursing jobs from Racine to Eau Claire and everything in between to make it easy for travel nurses to find a convenient location.
  2. It’s a Compact state”: Wisconsin is one of the 24 states that participate in the NCL compact state program. As long as you have a license in one of these 24 states, you can skip the whole application by endorsement process for a Wisconsin nursing license.
  3. “Two words; ‘EPIC conversion’ ”: Go Healthcare Staffing currently has a hospital client in Racine, Wisconsin going through an EPIC conversion. Facilities going through electronic medical records conversions need help staffing their units while their permanent staff are being trained on the new system.  There are several advantages in taking an assignment during an EPIC conversion:  fast interviews, compelling compensation packages, several shifts available besides 12N, easier extensions, and a “traveler-friendly” atmosphere are just a few reasons given by our travel nurses on whey they enjoy taking assignments during any type of electronic medical record/charting conversions.
  4. “Holiday shopping fund”: Go Healthcare Staffing has found that travel nurse jobs in Wisconsin usually pay above-average wages. As an example of this, one of our current Featured Jobs is an ICU travel nurse opportunity paying $1,833 a week.  With the Holidays just around the corner, this can be a great way to increase your Holiday shopping fund!
  5. “Florida is overrated”: While some on our team got a chuckle out of this response, it’s fair to say that not everyone can appreciate the hordes of tourist in warmer travel nursing destinations like Florida. In fact, for a number of our travelers, winter weather provides a unique opportunity to enjoy outside activities not available in the warmer states.  Wisconsin has a wide variety of winter activities that might surprise those who think anything north of Florida is in the Arctic Circle.  Another benefit wintertime Wisconsin has over warmer destinations is the flexibility and pay of winter travel nursing destinations are typically better than more “popular” destinations like Florida, Texas or California.

Check out this link for the full list of Wisconsin travel nursing jobs available at Go Healthcare Staffing.  Speak with our travel recruiters at 844-966-8873 for a full listing of all of our travel nursing jobs including (if you insist) warmer destinations.   Let’s Go Travel Happy!

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