Why Atlanta Adds Up as a Great Choice for Your Next Assignment

5 Reasons to Start Packing

Now is a fantastic time to think about working in Atlanta, Georgia. Go Healthcare Staffing has several openings at extremely competitive pay for both allied professional and RNs. Take a look at our full listing here.

To help you on your way, our team has a few facts about Atlanta that will make this next adventure even more tempting.

1. Beautiful Weather

What’s the first thing most people search about a new town? Weather. Here’s the good news, Atlanta has a climate that is super attractive to new residents. Despite an overall mild climate, you still get a feel of all four seasons without the extreme heat or cold. Average annual temperature tops out at 61 degrees Fahrenheit. While in January you can expect lows in the mid 30’s. Most folks welcome the chill to enjoy some “sweater weather” and an occasional dusting of snow. But there’s no need to pack a snow shovel!

2. Diversity

The city of Atlanta boasts a very diverse population. It’s home to a rich mix of cultures, including African American, Hispanic, and Asian communities. Through policies, programs, and initiatives that work to remove systematic barriers, Atlanta representatives are committed to protect and advance the rights of the LGBTQ community, while celebrating Atlanta’s vibrant culture and status as the LGBTQ capital of the American South.

3. Accessibility

Atlanta is extremely accessible. Whether you want to escape on a day off or your friends and family are booking trips to visit, Atlanta has you covered. You can count on the world’s busiest and most efficient airport Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) as well as a network of major highways and thoroughfares all leading in into Georgia’s capital.

4. Perfect for Foodies

The restaurant scene in Atlanta is extremely strong. Nationally acclaimed dining options are just around the corner. Add to that a variety of trendy food truck cuisine and farmer’s markets, and you’re sure to always enjoy the perfect meal. Expect to find everything from Filipino, Indian, African inspired, to soul, Southern, and Colombian specialties. And, plenty of barbecue and wings.

5. Music to Your Ears

Atlanta is known as the “Music Capital of the South” and plays a significant role in shaping the music industry. Take advantage of a vibrant music scene with venues featuring hip-hop and R&B to rock, country, and jazz. You’ll always be sure to catch famous artists as well as up-and-coming stars.

In addition to these five great reasons to make Atlanta your next stop as a traveler, the city is rich in history and culture, art exhibitions, and year-round festivals. There’s truly something for everyone in Atlanta. Start your next adventure today. Simply contact our team to apply for an opening. contact@gohealthcarestaffing.com