Tick Tock: Turkey Day Less Than a Month Away

5 Traveler Tips to Make it Fabulous

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the Thanksgiving holiday. Chances are, you’re on assignment in a new surrounding and your loved ones won’t be there to share in the feast. Traveling can be especially challenging during the holidays but we have some terrific tips to make Thanksgiving special.

1. Check Your Schedule

Will you be working on Thanksgiving Day? If so, organize a pot luck with your co-workers. Think traditional turkey dinner or maybe outside the box. Take time to learn about other customs and favorite dishes. Then decide what type of pot luck you want. Post a sign-up sheet, collaborate on what each person will contribute, or leave it all to chance. It’s a great time to try something new or simply indulge in old fashioned favorites.

2. Check Other Schedules

Touch base with your family and friends back home, or wherever. What time is their celebration starting? When is dinner? Where will they be gathering? Find ways to connect and be part of the festivities. Ask them to expect a Facetime call, or for even more people—schedule a Zoom. Another wonderful way to be part of holidays while not physically present—send something in advance. Arrange a delivery of flowers, fruit, or candy, and be sure to include a heartfelt message.

3. Pick Your Own Day

Thanksgiving can all of the meaning and sentiment even if you celebrate on a different day. Try a Friendsgiving that fits into your work schedule. Plan to host or, find a great local restaurant and meet up there. Find a way to celebrate that doesn’t create unnecessary stress. If you don’t want to be chained to your kitchen, order out or have your guests bring a dish.

4. Plan Ahead

Nothing says Thanksgiving like leftovers. Make your favorite dishes ahead of time and then reheat when the celebration fits your schedule. Or do as much prep work as possible ahead of time, assemble your dishes, and do the final cook the day you plan to enjoy. Check your recipes, many side dishes will freeze extremely well giving you even more flexibility.

5. Find Unique Ways to Celebrate

Thanksgiving is a great time to give back. And while you are in one of the most unselfish professions, maybe you would enjoy volunteering. Many organizations open soup kitchens for Thanksgiving, while churches and community centers often offer free meals. These groups always welcome an extra set of hands.

Whatever way you decide to spend your Thanksgiving, take time to be thankful and embrace all the good things in your life. With such a hectic and emotionally demanding travel nurse career, it’s so important to reflect on your own blessings. And know how grateful Go Healthcare Staffing is for all you do for our patients and hospital staff. Take a few minutes today to plan your turkey day and we’re sure it will include many special memories.

Ready to Cook?

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