Fall for Some Great Colors While Traveling

Your Guide to Foliage 2023

Let Autumn ring with the vibrant hues of red and gold. It’s that time of year when we all look for Mother Nature’s painted masterpieces in the great outdoors.

As a traveler, you probably get to enjoy more chances to catch the colors than most. Maybe you even plan your assignments for the best foliage opportunities. No matter where you are, most of the country will soon have a colorful view to accompany your pumpkin spice latte.

But why do the leaves change color?

Here’s a quick recap of your childhood science class. Chlorophyll is in constant production in leaves from spring through early fall. This is the key component that allows leaves to turn sunlight into glucose.  Chlorophyll is the green hue producer. As the days get shorter and shorter, the production of Chlorophyll eventually slows to a halt and stops the green hue. With chlorophyll now absent, ever present components move front and center: Beta-Carotene produces the orange hue, Anthocyanins give leaves their red color, and Flavonols are able to promote the yellow hues. And to protect itself from the cold winters, trees stop food production and the leaves die and fall. Just look at the amazing foliage expected around mid-October. Click here for an interactive map to check out the areas near your assignment.

Source: www.smokeymountains.com

Colorful Destinations

The Farmer’s Almanac highlights these destinations as the “Best Places for Fall Leaves.” Even if you aren’t there now, maybe you can squeeze in a short trip to enjoy the vibrant kaleidoscope of color.


Rangeley Lakes Region – Peak Viewing: October 1-17

Western New York

Letchworth State Park- Peak Viewing third and fourth week of October

New Hampshire

Kancamagus Scenic Highway, Lincoln – Peak Viewing September 28-October 9


Big South Fork National Recreation Area – Peak Viewing: (Eastern) October 5-21; (Western) October 12-28


Lake Geneva Area – Peak Viewing: October 5 – 14


Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park – Peak Viewing: October 12-28


Great Smoky Mountain National Park – Peak Viewing: Mid to late October, depending on elevation


Mount Cheaha – Peak Viewing: October 19 – November 4

North Dakota

Fort Ransom State Park – Peak viewing: October 5 – 21


Estes Park at Rocky Mountain National Park – Peak Viewing: The month of September through early October


Hawksbill Crag, Whitaker Point, The Ozark National Forest – Peak Viewing: October 12 – 28


Olympic National Park – Peak Viewing: October 12 – 28


Logan Canyon Scenic Byway – Peak Viewing: Early October


Big Sur Coast Highway – Peak Viewing: October 15 – 31

Get Out and Peep

Don’t forget to search your favorite spots online, many have up-to-the-date foliage tracking tools and interactive maps. And, can’t be there n person? Check out the many live foliage cams to enjoy some of the sights.

Your Fall Adventure is Waiting For You

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